Chinese Bridge Summer Camp 2014

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Chinese Bridge is one of the programs run by Confucius Institute headquarters in Beijing. It offers summer and winter camps for American high school students.

The summer camp has been run annually  for 8 years. Students and teachers participate in activities such as visiting schools in China, participating in interactive cultural events, visiting historical relics in Beijing, and travelling to other provinces. The experience is both exciting and unforgettable. In 2011, student participants from Norton High School in Chicago were even invited to visit the Chinese president’s office and meet with President Hu Jintao.

2014 Chinese Bridge-Summer Camp for U.S. High School Students will be held in China from 17th July to 1st August. This year, the Confucius Institute Headquarters would like to invite 800 American high school students and chaperons to participate in the summer camp. The trip will include a visit to Beijing as well as one of 10-30 other locations in China. During the summer camp, students will be grouped to go to different provinces or cities to attend Chinese language classes and experience Chinese culture. The Confucius Institute headquarters will be responsible for all cost in China including food, accommodation, traveling and group activities. Students and chaperons will be responsible for international flight expense, international travel insurance, domestic travel expense in home country, visa application fees and so on, estimated amount under $2500 per student.


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