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FAQ – Invoice Vouchers

Most Frequently Asked Questions on How to Process Invoice Vouchers:

  1. How do I process my dues for a professional organization that I belong to?
    • An invoice voucher should be processed with all the information listed on the invoice voucher (name, address, chartfield, amount).  The original dues invoice along with a copy should be attached and sent to General Accounting for processing.  An authorized agent should sign the invoice voucher.  Dues can be paid with the URI PCARD.
  2. How do I pay an honorarium for a speaker that lectured a class?
    • An invoice voucher should be processed with a letter or memo attached that lists the speaker’s name, amount, address, date of speaking engagement and topic of speaking engagement.  Please include a W-9 if vendor is not yet on PeopleSoft.
  3. How do I pay an honorarium for a speaker that lectured for the full semester?
    • An invoice voucher can not be used in this instance, call the payroll office.
  4. How do I pay an independent consultant that provided the University with sign language interpreting services?
  5. How do I pay an invoice to the University Club where I took a candidate to lunch for a position that I am filling?
    • This should be processed on an invoice voucher.  Attach the original receipt along with the list of individuals that was at the luncheon meeting.
  6. We are having a seminar at the University of Rhode Island   GSO Campus.  We need to have the lunch catered and URI Dining Services have indicated that they cannot provide the services.  What do I do?
    • In this circumstance you would follow the purchasing policies and use an LVPO or college requisition.  Please make sure you are familiar with Policy A-36 which is found on the Controller’s website.  Please indicate the business purpose (section A-36) and the list of attendees.
  7. What happens if I don’t follow URI Purchasing policies, how do I pay for an invoice?
    • Submit the invoice to your private funds for payment (URI Foundation or Alumni Fund).
  8. How do I process a large copy job printed for our department?
    • In this circumstance you would either request URI Printing Services to do the job and if they could not, you would follow the purchasing policies and use a LVPO or college requisition.
  9. How do I reimburse a staff member for making a purchase with their own funds?
    • No staff, faculty or students should be making purchases on URI’s behalf.  If a situation arises and supplies need to be purchased and then reimbursed, attach the original receipt to an invoice voucher along with a memo to the attention of the Controller explaining the circumstances for the purchase and need for reimbursement.  The documentation will be reviewed and a determination whether the employee will be  reimbursed.  Constant requests for reimbursements will lead to future denials.
  10. If I need to make an emergency purchase, do I complete an invoice voucher?
  11. How do I pay for a seminar I have to attend in Providence?
    • Attach the original and 1 copy of the application to an invoice voucher and submit to General Accounting for payment.  Please provide adequate time for payment.  All in-state conferences can be paid for on the PCard without a TAR.
  12. How do I pay for a seminar I have  to attend out of state?
    • The same as above but attach 2 copies of the application along with the invoice voucher and submit to General Accounting – Travel for payment.  A completed TAR should be on file. 
  13. How do I pay Federal Express invoices?
  14. Are cell phone invoices processed on invoice vouchers?
    • Cell phone invoices are not considered a utility invoice and thus are subject to purchasing procedures.  Cell phone invoices should not be processed on invoice vouchers.
  15. If I have further questions on how to process invoice vouchers, who do I contact?
    • Invoice vouchers are documents used to pay non-procurement transactions.  You should contact Judy Moore, Accounting Manager for further information.

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