Services Available at the Counseling Center

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Services are free to URI students who have paid the Health Services fee. Staff are available for consultation with all members of the University community. Services for the personal needs of the faculty and staff are limited to consultation for the purpose of referral to professional public or private counseling agencies.

Counseling: The Center offers short-term individual counseling to students on issues such as improving communication and problem-solving skills, coping with stress, depression, building satisfying relationships, adjusting to university life, and planning for graduate school or a career. Students who require long-term counseling are usually referred to public and private services in the community.

Crisis Intervention: Staff at the center are prepared to respond to crisis situations such as suicide attempts, drug overdoses, or uncontrollable behavior. Crisis consultation and referral services are available to any member of the University community. If you are in need of help while the Counseling Center is closed you may call one of the organizations found on our Emergency Services Page.

Group Programs: The Center offers counseling support groups and structured skill-building groups to help students cope successfully with developmental tasks. Counseling support groups provide a setting in which participants explore identity and relationship issues and develop a range of skills which enable them to experience a sense of competence in relationships with others and mastery over normal life stresses.

Structured groups provide planned learning situations in which participants are guided through a series of steps to achieve a particular goal, such as increased assertiveness, effective anxiety management, improved academic goal-setting and achievement, or enhanced self-esteem. Structured groups are offered at the center and in a variety of settings, including classrooms, residence halls, sororities, and fraternities.

The Center provides consultation services to faculty, staff and students regarding personal and organizational concerns.

The center provides in-service education for campus groups such as student leaders, faculty, residence hall staff, and paraprofessionals. Center staff with adjunct faculty, serve as instructors for credit-bearing courses and as members of URI Graduate School thesis committees. The Center also offers one post-doctorate position and one graduate assistantship to provide comprehensive professional training to future psychologists and counselors. For more information, contact us at the address on the left.

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