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Mainfare is located in the Hope Commons facility, and is designed as a food court where students are able to choose from a wide selection of popular items. At Astro’s, our retro-styled burger station, the selection consists of char-grilled burgers, hot dogs, soy dogs, veggie burgers, french fries, and onion rings. The Fusion bar consists of a large salad bar, and in addition, it offers a selection of toppings to compliment Asian stir-fry or Pasta-to-order selections. Our staff will gladly prepare your favorite dish right in front of you. The Deli Creations kiosk provides a wide variety of over 15 breads, more than a dozen fresh deli meats and cheeses, combined with over 20 toppings and fillings, to offer our customer any sandwich made to their specification, grilled or chilled. Check out our rotating menu to see “what’s cooking” at Homestyle. From Roast Turkey dinners with all the fixings to Grilled Portabella Mushrooms on Foccacia Bread, this main entrée station will have new and exciting dishes each day.

Visiting for the day? Come dine with us. Cash prices for entry are:  Breakfast $8.50  / Brunch & Lunch $11.50   /  Dinner $13.50

Please note: Menu items listed below are subject to change due to availability of product and/or staff.

FOOD ALLERGIES: For your safety, it is the customer’s obligation to inform the server about any food allergies. ~ Thank you for keeping us informed.

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Now Hiring!

Mainfare is looking for student workers. Interested? Contact Tara Connors at (401) 874-2011 or tara_connors@uri.edu
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