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Facts about Students with Disabilities

Fact: Students with disabilities do as well or better than the larger student body.   For example, grade distribution statistics compare almost identically with University College statistics.   There are as many students with disabilities on the deans list as there are on probation, and most student grades fall in the middle range.

Fact: With adaptive tools and adapted living environment most people with mobility disabilities enjoy freedom of travel, work, family life, and recreation that is similar to any other citizen.

Fact: Students with learning disabilities have at least average or above average intelligence, sometimes superior intelligence.   However, there may be a gap between the expected performance for the IQ and the actual performance in a specific area (such as written expression).

Fact: Students with disabilities are otherwise qualified students and are subject to the same admissions process as other URI students.   Reported SAT scores for students with disabilities – with or without accommodation – must meet the same criteria as all other students.

Fact: Academic accommodations are determined on a case by case basis and are intended to adjust the learning environment to meet specific needs.   Essential, core characteristics of a curriculum cannot be changed by accommodation.  For example, a math waiver in an engineering curriculum would not be permissible, but extended time on a math exam in that curriculum would be permissible.

Fact:  Students with disabilities are often at a distinct disadvantage in the learning environment by virtue of the disability itself.   Accommodations simply level the playing field for students with disabilities, nothing more or less. Students must meet expected performance levels with or without accommodations.

Fact: People with psychiatric disabilities are LESS LIKELY than the general population to engage in violent or destructive behavior



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