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Disability-Related Laws

Impact in all public sectors including postsecondary environments

Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (2008) updated and expanded the Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 (ADA)

  • Title I – Equal opportunity to benefit from the full range of employment-related opportunities.
  • Title II – State and local governments give people with disabilities an equal opportunity to benefit from all of their programs, services, and activities.
  • Title III - Public accommodations must comply with basic non-discrimination requirements that prohibit exclusion, segregation, and unequal treatment.
  • Title IV – Requires common carriers (telephone companies) to establish interstate and intrastate telecommunications relay services.

Impact in Secondary and Postsecondary Environments.

Rehabilitation Act 1973

Section 501 – Equal opportunity in Executive Branch.

Section 503 – Non-discrimination in federal contractors and sub-contractors.

Section 504 – Non-discrimination in federally-funded programs. (Led to ADA 1990.)

Section 508 – Requirements for electronic and information technology access.

Impact on Elementary and Secondary Schools only

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 1990 (IDEA) amended 1997 (formerly P.L. 94-142 1975.)

Free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.

(Source: http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/ada/cguide.htm#anchor62335)

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