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Inclusive Teaching Links:

Research on Students with Disabilities:

ERIC Digests on College Students with Disabilities.


Includes information on students with disabilities, links to ERIC digests, mini bibliographies, frequently asked questions (FAQs), related Internet resources, and Internet discussion groups, as well as selected citations from the ERIC database and the search terms used to find the citations.


Information from other universities on students with disabilities:

Ball State University Counseling Center Information on Students with Disabilities.


Incusive classrooms are classrooms in which instructors and students work together to create and sustain an environment in which everyone feels safe, supported, and encouraged to express her or his views and concerns.

University of Connecticut. Information on Students with Disabilities.


An Introduction to Disabilities: A Resource for Administrators, College and University Faculty, Learning Specialists and Service Providers.

University of Texas – Austin. Information on Students with Disabilities.


Teaching a University Course Includes: Course Planning, Diversity Issues , Evaluating and Documenting Teaching, Evaluating and Testing Learning, , Interdisciplinary Teaching  and Learning, Media aids, teaching nd learning strategies.

University of Washington.


USDE grant program to inform faculty and staff in supporting students with disabilities.

(Among other things) Do-It is:

People with disabilities successfully pursuing College and careers including challenging fields in business, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. (STEM).

Resources to promote the use of accessible electronic and information technology and Universal design.

The Ross Center For Students with Disabilities at UMass Boston.


UMass Boston is committed to the goal of providing equal access to its education programs, so that its students may achieve their academic potential.  The University welcomes applications from qualified students with disabilities and assures them that UMass will provide access to all programs for which they are qualified.

California State University at Northridge.


Guide for faculty and staff in supporting students with disabilities.

University of California Berkeley.


An online guide for teaching students with disabilities.

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. From the hard copy book, Tools for Teaching by Barbara Gross Davis; Jossey-Bass Publishers: San Francisco, 1993.

Teaching and Learning for Diversity – University of Toronto at Scarborough

Links to websites that deal with various aspects of diversity.

Government Resources on Disabilities:

U.S. Department of Justice. Federal Disabilities Laws



A Guide to Disability Rights Laws. A 21-page booklet that provides a brief over view of eleven Federal laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities and provides information about the federal agencies to contact for more information.

Rhode Island Office of Rehabilitation Services


The goal of the Office of Rehabilitation Services is to assist people with disabilities to become employed and to live independently in the community. In order to achieve this goal, we work in partnership with the State Rehabilitation Council, our customers, staff and community.Â

Disability Advocacy Groups:

Half the Planet


The disability community is larger than you might think. About 150 million people within the U.S.-or one-half the population-are touched by disabilities in some way, either directly or through close ties to someone they know with a disability. And with an ever-growing aging population, the universe of people with disabilities also continues to grow.

Half the Planet is a program of Half the Planet Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization supporting the application of technology to promote the values of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), with design and development assistance from Marathon Ventures, a sales, marketing and technology consulting company committed to providing both nonprofit organizations and small businesses with integrated, cost-effective Internet design and accessibility solutions.

Disabilities Online.


More than 750 active cross-referenced links!

Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association of New South Wales (Australia)


The Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association of NSW (MDAA) is the peak body for people from a non-English speaking background (NESB) with disability and their families and careers in New South Wales.

MDAA is the only advocacy service in New South Wales available specifically to people from a NESB with disability, their families and careers.


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