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Other Interpreter/CART Policies

Hiring and Payment:

Disability Services for Students is responsible for hiring and payment for interpreters and/or CART writers in all University courses or course-required activities.

When other university activities are scheduled (student entertainment, administrative interviews/appointments, theater productions, invited lectures, etc.), the coordinating department or organization will be the responsible party for hiring and payment of interpreters.  Interpreters/CART writers can be requested through the Interpreter Referral Service at CDHH.Interpreter@cdhh.ri.gov or by calling 222-5300 (V), 222-5301 (TTY).

Cancellation Policy:

  1. Except in cases of sudden illness or accident, students must give 36 hours advance notice to Disability Services for Students (or to the responsible organization) when they are unable to attend a class or activity for which interpreter services have been requested;
  2. the student is asked to call or text directly to the interpreter where possible.
  3. This will allow services (and payment for services) to be canceled in a timely manner, or will save the interpreter/CART writer from unnecessary travel.
  4. Failure to comply with this procedure may result in termination of services, however other classroom accommodations will remain available.
  5. At the student’s second unexcused absence from class during a semester, the DSS Advisor will counsel the student in order to encourage cooperation with the above policy and to ensure that there are no other health and safety concerns.
  6. A third unexcused student absence will result in termination of interpreter services for that class.  However, if interpreter services are terminated due to student non-compliance, alternative measures (ex. peer notetakers) will continue to ensure accessibility to the course material.           

Interpreter/Cart Writer Personnel:

The University reserves the right to hire only qualified sign language interpreters.  A qualified interpreter will be able to produce a valid Rhode Island license from the RI Department of Health, Professional Regulation. CART Writer qualifications are determined by the contracting professional agency.

  1. The University establishes Interpreter/CART Writer fees according to guidelines set by State of Rhode Island Master Price Agreements.
  2. Fees are based on a minimum of two (2) hours pay.
  3. The Interpreter/CART Writer will be paid for any cancellation of less than twenty-four (24) hours notice.  In the event of a class cancellation or class absence by a student the interpreter is asked to notify Disability Services for Students.
  4. If an interpreter has been contracted to provide services for a semester-long course and the institution, the department or the student permanently cancels that course, the interpreter, as per the MPA, will be provided two (2) weeks of pay, starting at the point of notification.
  5. In situations where classes are canceled without notice or a professor is absent, interpreters/CART writers will be paid for the class.
  6. If an interpreter is unable to fulfill a contracted commitment for interpreting services, he or she must attempt to find a qualified substitute (see above for definition of qualified).  The responsible office at the University of Rhode Island must be notified of the absence and informed of the identity of the substitute. (No payment will be made unless a substitute can be found.)
  7. Interpreters/CART Writers, although independent contractors, are agents of the University and are expected to be in communication with Disability Services about excessive student absences.  This will facilitate DSS advisor intervention in order to help the student be academically successful or to assist a student who otherwise may be in trouble.


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