2012 Student Employment Information

Greetings From Enrollment Services

As the Spring Semester 2012 comes to an end, we would like to thank all URI student employers for their role in supporting the goals of the Student Employment Program.

At this time of the academic year, we would like to remind everyone about some very important information involving Federal Work Study and Student Employment:

‐ Please confirm that all of your student employees currently on Federal Work Study Account, (IN5239), DO NOT WORK on this account beyond May 12, 2012.

‐ Any students employed for the summer must be in Job Code IN5240, (Institutional Payroll), as of May 13, 2012. If you are going to continue or hire new students for the Summer 2012, please refer to the In House Payroll Appointment Dates, Student Payroll Contract Pay, for the correct appointment dates, http://web.uri.edu/ecampus/files/appointment_dates_FY2012-13.pdf

‐ Students might be “running out” of federal work study funds, (IN5239). You can verify the current total of your student’s biweekly earnings on ecampus, by checking the “disbursed” amount on the “Work Study Placement Screen”, (must be signed onto eCampus to connect to this link), https://appsaprod.uri.edu:9501/psp/sahrprod_m1/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/PACKAGE_AID.STDNT_WRKSTUDY_AWD.GBL or follow this navigation; Main Menu>Financial Aid>Awards>View Work Study Approval.

‐ As of this Fall 2012, we will no longer host the Enrollment Services Student Employment Job Fair. We are encouraging all departments to post any job openings by mid August 2012 at,