Position and HR Online Forms

Instructions for Processing Online Forms

The online Position Action Form replaces the USP-1 paper form; it is used to abolish, change, or create a position. The Employee Action Form combines and replaces the USP-2, USP-5, and USP-12 paper forms; it is used to process changes in employee job information.

Approval  Position Action Employee Action
The Employee Action Form documentation for the tasks below is located on the HR Forms Website at: http://web.uri.edu/hr/forms/

  • Create New Hire
  • Change Employee Job Data
  • Change Salary Distribution Only
  • Employee Transfer
  • Extend Limited/Temporary Appointment
  • Create Nw Hire
  • Interim Appointment Extension
  • Termination/Retirement
  • Leave Request
  • Leave Extension Request
  • Leave Return Request


About the Online Position and Employee Action Forms

This is an online business process created within e-Campus that was custom-designed, programmed and implemented by UCS staff. It engineers the functions of the paper forms and makes them available online for processing via two e-Campus pages called the Position Action Form and the Employee Action Form. The two pages represent what were once called the USP-1, USP-2, USP-5, and USP-12  forms. The approval process is handled online within e-Campus, much like the Online Requisition forms in e-Campus Financials. Please note that the online forms represent internal URI processes only; they do not affect the State process!

The term Position Action Form is used instead of USP-1 and Employee Action Form is used instead of USP-2, USP-5, and USP-12!!

The project was the result of close collaboration among the Budget, Human Resources, Payroll, and University Computing Systems (UCS) departments. In addition, many other URI staff members and departments were included in the planning and provided invaluable input to help us produce an online process that will meet the needs of the entire campus.

The Details

Position Action Form

This e-Campus form replaces the USP-1 paper form; it is used to create, change, or abolish a position. The online form looks like the printed form:


Employee Action Form

This e-Campus form combines and replaces the USP-2, USP-5, and USP-12 paper forms. It is used to:

  • Hire employees,
  • Make changes to jobs such as extensions, promotions, and transfers,
  • Make changes to employees’ personal information,
  • Process leave of absence, termination, etc.


Benefits of Online Action Forms

  • Defined workflow map, showing the routing steps for each action form.
  • Easily traceable forms, showing where the form is at any given time.
  • Flexible programming that allows for changes to the business and approval processes when necessary.
  • Automatic email notifications to staff who are not necessarily approvers but need to know when forms are created or changed.
  • Pre-populated fields in existing employee records allowing changes to be made quickly only where needed instead of re-entering information each time a change is made. Changes are readily visible through use of color in affected fields.
  • Improved data integrity and increased efficiency resulting in reduced costs and improved services.
  • Permanent archival of forms in the e-Campus system.


Project Team Members


  • Linda Barrett, Director, Budget Office
  • Sharon Bell, Controller, Controller’s Office
  • Anne Marie Coleman, Assistant Vice President, Human Resource Administration
  • Clifford H. Katz, Vice Provost for Academic Finances and Academic Personnel, Office of the Provost

UCS Project Leads:

  • Mike Motta, Associate Director
  • John Shen, Lead Programmer Analyst/Developer

Work Team Resources – Testing and Reviewing:

  • Budget: Diana MacDonald, Steve Thompson
  • HR: Paula Murray, Leslie Pojda
  • Payroll: Jim Cacciola, Maryann Duggan
  • UCS: Irene Azzinaro, Julie Erickson, and other UCS/HR technical team members on an as-need basis.



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