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e-Campus FAQs

  • e-Campus is the University of Rhode Island’s central online system. This system’s core is the purchased PeopleSoft software package. The University is implementing its version of three PeopleSoft systems: Student Administration, Human Resources, and Financial Administration. e-Campus brings dozens of student and administration online services together in one area and is completely web-enabled. By simply using your web-browser and clicking through web pages, faculty, staff and students of the University are able to quickly and easily access many online functions formerly conducted through manual processes or one of the many other automated systems formerly maintained by the University.

  • Yes, e-Campus is used at all campuses.

  • Incoming freshman students receive some training during Freshman Orientation. There are instructional guides available on the e-Campus web page geared specifically to Student and Faculty/Staff functions. Any student who is employed on-campus should receive guidance from his/her appropriate supervisor regarding Time Reporting. Also, when necessary, additional, specialized training for faculty and staff may be made available.

    Watch for email notifications regarding this type of training or access the e-Campus Training site by clicking on Training in the left index on this page.

  • When you registered your User ID and Password, you were required to provide a “Forgot Your Password” question and response. To use this feature, which is available whenever the system is available, follow these steps.

    • Click on the area you would like to access: Students, Faculty & Staff or Human Resources.
    • You now have the e-Campus login page. DO NOT enter anything in the User ID or Password fields. Just click the “Forgot your Password” link.
    • On the next page, enter your User ID and click Continue.
    • On this page you will see the question you provided when you completed New User Registration. Enter the response in the Response box exactly as you did when you registered your User ID. For example, if your question was “What color is my house?” and you registered a response of “My house is white,” you must enter that exact phrase, not just “white.”
    • Click “Email New Password” and a new system-generated password will be emailed to the email address you registered with the system (also displayed on the page with your question and response).

    If you are a University employee and cannot recall your User ID for the Financial Administration portion of e-Campus, please email Financials_e-Campus@uri.edu.

  • No it does not. For security reasons, e-Campus passwords are not shared with any other system. You, as the owner can make the passwords the same if you so choose by changing the default passwords in the other systems. You can also change the password to your e-Campus account at any time by going into SA Self Service or HR Self Service.

  • Your e-Campus account automatically creates an email account at the University. The email address will be your . So an e-Campus User ID of “johndoe” also has an email address of “johndoe@mail.uri.edu”. If you are having trouble signing into or creating at email account, please call 874-2301.

  • Please read the instructional documents available on the e-Campus web page to learn how to perform these necessary functions.

  • All help and instructional documents for e-Campus are located at web.uri.edu/ecampus. Click on e-Campus Help > > How Do I? Click here for a link to the Academic Records help document.

  • No, hard copies of the Course Schedule are no longer printed. The Course Schedule is available online to all students through their e-Campus login. The Course Schedule is also available on the e-Campus web page to anyone who is not a registered user of e-Campus, but may wish to see what courses are available.

  • Security within e-Campus is customized for each person based on the functions they need to access in e-Campus. Different people doing different jobs will have different menu items. Generally all students have the same access but some may have additional security to do things such as enter time.

  • Check the Human Resources site first. This site is constantly updated with the latest information and user documentation. There is extensive documentation and instruction manuals for Human Resources and Payroll related functions and questions located here. If what you need is not there, please call the e-Campus HR Help desk at 874-7050.

  • PeopleSoft software is designed to be customized by the end users to meet their unique needs. This system is as unique as the University of Rhode Island and the many members of the faculty, staff, and student communities who have spent thousands of hours molding the system to meet the needs of the campus community. In addition, the name e-Campus better describes the actual functions of the system by reflecting the fact that it brings together dozens of University-wide functions, regardless of the campus (Kingston, CCE, Bay, Alton-Jones).

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