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The e-Campus How Do I documents are available in both HTML and Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The PDF files are denoted by the icon and can be viewed and printed by anyone with a free Acrobat Reader. Download Acrobat Reader now. Please get assistance if you have trouble using Acrobat Reader.


FAQs: e-Campus and e-Mail userids and passwords

URI Directory Troubleshooting – FAQs

Instructor Resources

You can now change submitted grades anytime during the grading period without submitting a change form! Click here for instructions.

A Step by Step Guide to e-Campus for Faculty

Transfer & Readmission
Undergraduate Admission process for transfer students
Flowchart – Undergraduate Admissions process for transfer students
Internal transfer student – Workflow
Internal transfer student – Requirements
Readmission requirements – Dismissed students
Dismissal policies and Readmission instructions
Readmitting students – Workflow

Graduate Assistants and Research Assistants
Graduate Assistant Appointment Letters
Graduate Assistant and Research Assistant Appointment Process
Graduate Position Action Form
GA Tuition Waiver Adjustment Form
Student Waiver Process: Graduate Assistantship Memo (Graduate School ➝Forms and Letters Graduate Assistantships)
Student Tuition & Fee Payment Form (SGA-2)

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