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  • Do not just close your browser (X out).  Also, set your browsers to Delete browsing history on exit for all browsers on machines that are for e-Campus and Financials applications.

  • Students now have the ability to grant access to whomever they want to view their Student Billing and/or Student Record information. Please go to the Enrollment Services Granting Student Account Access to a Third Party page for more information.

  • If you have problems logging on to Sakai, call the Help Desk at 874-4357. If you have problems finding materials in Sakai or with functions other than login, go to the Help Desk in the Library, LL 19. You will have to login on one of their machines so the staff can look at your course to help you.

  • Under the regulations defined by the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (known as FERPA), students must explicitly tell the University to NOT publish their name, address, and phone number in the online and paper directories. The online phone and paper directories only show students who are currently enrolled in a class.

    To suppress directory information, you must do this through e-Campus as follows:

    1. Log into e-Campus: Click on: Self Service Student Center > Campus Personal Information > FERPA Restrictions > Click on “EDIT FERPA/Directory Restrictions”
    2. This is the page that lists all the items you can elect to allow or not allow the University to release.

    PLEASE NOTE – If you choose to not allow the University to release your degree, Honors/Awards, or Name, your name, degree, and honors will not be released to newspapers or other publications which print the University’s graduates or Dean’s Lists.

    Carefully view the list and select which items you want to restrict.

    When completed, click the “SAVE” button at the lower left corner of the page (scroll down the page to get to the button).

    You may change your FERPA restrictions at any time.

    The restrictions will take affect the next business day.

  • Student e-Campus notices are displayed with the most recent notices at the top. Click on the title or image to read the entire notice.

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