Undergraduate Majors Coding

Below are the e-Campus codes to be used for all engineering students, including those who are Undeclared. In addition, there also is a Wanting Engineering code (refer to note below table). These codes are to be used on all forms involving engineering undergraduate students such as Change of Engineering Major, Transfer to College of Engineering (from another college), etc. These codes are used in e-Campus to indicate a student’s major.


Biomedical Engineering: EN_BMDE_BS Industrial Engineering: EN_INEG_BS
Chemical Engineering: EN_CEGR_BS Mechanical Engineering: EN_MCEG_BS
Civil Engineering: EN_CIVL_BS Ocean Engineering: EN_OEGR_BS
Computer Engineering:  EN_CPEG_BS Undeclared Engineering: EN_UDEC_BS
Electrical Engineering: EN_ELEG_BS *Wanting Engineering: UC_WEGR_BS

*WEGR is not an engineering major code since it is not a degree. It is only available to students who are still in University College. This coding is used with students who are interested in engineering as a major, but do not have the background to begin as an engineering major (would not be admitted to the University as an engineering major). It provides them with an opportunity to take courses that follow the beginning of an engineering degree pathway with the benefit of having an engineering advisor. The decision about if and when a student is ready to be changed to an engineering major is determined by the Engineering Advising Team, including the Assistant Dean; therefore, please direct any requests regarding eligibility of these students to be coded as an engineering major to the Assistant Dean.

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