Eric Kretsch

Hi all, my name is Eric Kretsch. I grew up in a coastal town in Massachusetts so naturally I have become to love the ocean, many of my most fond memories deal with the ocean and my family. In high school I discovered this interest by doing an internship through my high school, I can say it is my experiences that have lead me to where I am now.

I came to the University of Rhode Island intending on completing a degree in Marine Affairs and in Oceanography; however, that all change with one class I took first semester my freshman year. This class was EEC105: Introduction to Resource Economics. I was enthralled by the class, completely interested in all the topics that were discussed. I also loved the professor. I learned in class practical and smart solutions to solving many of our country’s biggest problems; Climate Change and carbon emissions, population growth, and overfishing were my favorites. Needless to say after that class I changed my majors to Marine Affairs and Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.

I believe the real reason I choose Environmental and Natural Resource Economics is the fact that this major deals with human effects on the Natural Environment; rather than, the environment itself. Though I love science, I felt that being involved in economics is the true way to change our world for the better. By learning about policies and the economics behind providing incentives for the public to act more environmentally conscientiously, I can use these tools someday to push for environmentally sound policies in my career. Maybe I can even write a policy someday that will change the world. This may sound crazy but I believe I can do this, and that is what I strive for through Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.

For my future, who honestly knows? I change my mind about things way too much! Currently, however, I plan to apply to law school and then hopefully I can branch into politics. There I hope to use what I learned in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics to CHANGE THE WORLD!