Green Markets and Sustainability

Who should be interested?

The Green Markets and Sustainability option is for those who want to understand why our earth’s natural resources are under threat, and how we can create a sustainable society that protects the environment while maintaining a high standard of living. This option studies how to re-structure traditional markets in order to help solve environmental problems.

Green Markets have many advantages over traditional government regulations in solving environmental problems, and in many circumstances Green Markets can be far more effective at protecting the environment while also enhancing economic vitality of our communities. But Green Markets need to be carefully structured if they are to be effective. Our green markets option teaches students about the promise of green markets, and how to design green markets so as to avoid potential risks.

More broadly, we view the causes of environmental problems and their solutions without a predetermined perspective on the ethics of markets and governments. Markets and government regulations can be complementary, and they both have essential roles to play in creating a sustainable, productive and equitable society.

What type of career does this major prepare students for?

A degree in Environmental Economics prepares students for a host of careers, including many jobs in the new “green” economy. For example, several ENRE alums have jobs working for renewable energy companies. Another is now a regional sales manager for electric vehicles for a large transportation company that sells commercial vehicles. Other ENRE grads work in the private sector on topics such as aquaculture, international forest products, global buying and selling in fisheries, and environmental restoration.

This program also provides excellent training for students planning to do graduate work in natural resource management fields, and for students planning to go to law school, with an interest in environmental law or international disputes involving natural resources.

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