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How To View and Pay Your e-Bill

Electronic billing (e-Bill) is the official billing method for tuition and fee invoices at the University of Rhode Island. Students will not receive a paper invoice by mail.

Students access their e-Bill account online via e-Campus. They have the ability to view current and historical e-Bill invoices, review payment history, and make new payments.  They can also provide access to an authorized guest, such as a parent, so they too will have the ability to log into their student’s e-Bill account.  Each time a new e-Bill invoice has been posted, all students and authorized guests receive an email notification which prompts them to log into their e-Bill account and open the invoice.   Electronic payments are safe and easy, and are strongly encouraged, however, a remittance coupon can be printed from the e-Bill invoice for those who prefer to mail a check.

Accessing Your e-Bill Account

If you are a student

  • Log into eCampus
  • Click URI Student Financials
  • Click My e-Bill and Submit

If you would like to provide a parent or other guest with e-Bill access, log into your e-Bill Account and follow the steps below:

  • Click Add New in the Guest Login ID box
  • Follow the prompts to create a Guest Login ID for your parent or guest, and provide the requested contact information
  • Select the access you want this person to have (full access is the default)
  • Click OK
    • Your parent or guest will receive a welcome email with their new Guest Login ID, a password, and a link to the Guest Login Page. After logging in, they will be prompted to change the password and set up a security question.

            Accessing the Guest Login Page – https://commerce.cashnet.com/URIpay?LT=P


Can someone make a payment for a student if they are not an Authorized Guest with a login ID and password?

Yes! But you will need to know the student’s URI ID number and Last Name.  Click the link above to get to the E-Bill Account Guest Login Page.  Then click the link for Don’t have a Guest Login ID?  The Guest Login and Password prompts will change to Student ID and Last Name and you will be able to proceed with your payment.


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