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Team members will help you find answers to questions such as: What are some effective strategies for handling large class sizes? Small seminars? What teaching resources are available at URI? How can I incorporate some innovative teaching strategies, like flip classrooms and problem-based learning? How do I manage the learning outcomes assessment procedures? How do I promote class attendance? How do I handle a problematic student? How do I handle plagiarism/cheating? How much advising should I do and what are some advising boundaries I should be aware of? Where can I go with pedagogical issues? Help designing a good syllabus? How can I improve my lecture/presentation skills? What if I have to take a leave in the middle of a semester?

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Faculty Guide Name
Areas of Expertise
Faye Boudreaux-Bartels Faye Boudreaux-Bartels
Professor of Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering
Kelley Hall, 4 East Alumni Ave., Kingston, RI 02881
General advice; learning styles; asking questions in classroom to assess learning; advising non-traditional students; STEM classes
Rachel DiCioccio Rachel Dicioccio
Associate Professor of Communication Studies
210A Davis Hall, 10 Lippitt Rd., Kingston, RI 02881
Creating engaging student learning; building mentoring relationships with students; managing difficult student situations; developing teaching style
Jill Doerner Jill Doerner
Associate Professor, Sociology
507 Chafee Social Science Bldg., 10 Chafee Rd., Kingston, RI 02881
Large/small classes; curriculum and course proposal process; university, college, and major advising (undergraduate); University judicial board member; cheating/plagiarism, hearing; getting students to come to class/participate
John Pantalone John Pantalone
Assistant Professor of Journalism/Department Chair
101 Rodman Hall, 94 West Alumni Ave., Kingston, RI 02881
Teach many freshmen; teach large classes; integrate real life events with course concepts; improving assignment rubrics; teach writing basics; advising many students; responding to students with special needs
Martha Waitkun Martha Waitkun
Lecturer of Communication Studies
405 Davis Hall, 10 Lippitt Rd., Kingston, RI 02881
Undergraduate advising from orientation to graduation at the university, college and departmental level; undeclared student advising; choosing a major; finding ways to create connections between gen ed courses, major courses and outside experience; building a course plan that integrates learning from varying perspectives; problem solving and trouble-shooting. Faculty Senate University Academic Advising Commitee. Teaching many sections of a highly populated gen ed class that is also a major pre-requisite, finding ways to adapte the material to create relevance to anyone taking it; focus on experiential learning in the classroom and findings ways to take the course content out of the classroom.
Cheryl Foster Cheryl Foster
Professor; Associate Director, University Honors Program
300H Lippitt Hall, 5 Lippitt Rd., Kingston, RI 02881
Discovering your style, passion; students not reading; how to ask right questions; efficiency; context of advice-giving; resources

Relevant Institutional Resources

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