Sakai Gradebook 2

Exporting a CSV file from Sakai Gradebook 2

  1. In the Sakai Gradebook 2, select ‘Tools’, and then ‘Export’.
  2. In the subsequent screen, select “No-Structure Gradebook (Only Grades)”, the desired section (not All the sections), and Export as ‘CSV(.csv)’ from the pull-down menus.Sakai Gradebook 2 Step 2
  3. Click ‘Export’ to download the csv file onto your local computer.
  4. Open the csv file in Excel.
  5. Remove all the columns except the columns of “Student Id”, “Student Name” and “Letter Grade”.
  6. The column position is very important. Make sure the “Student Id” is in the first column, “Student Name” in the second column, and “Letter Grade” in the third column.Sakai Gradebook 2 Step 6
  7. Save the file as:
    1. WINDOWS: “CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv)” format in Windows Excel, or,
    2. MAC: “Windows Formatted Comma Separated (*.csv)” format in Macintosh Excel.
  8.  Repeat the above steps for each section in your course site.
  9. Follow the eCampus instructions to upload the csv file(s) one-by-one to eCampus Grade Roster.


For further information on Sakai Gradebook 2 refer to the Sakai Gradebook 2 ITS Wiki page.

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