What exactly is general education? The program, usually referred to as “Gen Ed,” is a compilation of 40 credits required by all majors for a bachelor’s degree. No matter what your degree (BA, BS, BFA, etc.,) Gen Ed classes are intended to broaden your knowledge beyond what you are studying in your chosen major and serve as the core of your educational experience at URI.

URI’s General education requirements are all about preparing you to be engaged and productive members of a world where broad-based knowledge and a foundational skillset are necessary for success. The outcomes are practical and developed around the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in our global society.  Embracing Rhode Island ’s heritage of independent thought, the Gen Ed program centers around the following values:  creativity and scholarship, diversity, fairness, and respect, engaged learning and civic involvement, intellectual and ethical leadership.

Prof. Steve Carey

We envision the program as every student’s “second major.” Gen Ed is your opportunity to explore your interests and craft and guide your educational experience.

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