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Standards, Policies and Forms

Statement of Relationship Between URI and Greek Organizations

Greek organizations at the university of Rhode Island are a component of the institution’s total educational program. As such they are partners with the University in a mutually supportive behavior. Therefore, Greek organizations share the responsibility for strengthening the total quality of student life by making a significant positive contribution to the present and future students. Because of their importance to their own members and the educational quality of the URI campus, Greek chapters have certain rights and responsibilities within this community.

Among their rights are:

  1. Choosing their members;
  2. Participating as a unit in campus group activities;
  3. receiving assistance from the University in leadership development activities;
  4. Having a University advisor who will assist them in their chapter development and who will serve as their liaison between them and the other aspects of the University;
  5. Participating in self-governing activities through the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils;
  6. Providing the opportunity for participation in educational experiences.

Among their responsibilities are:

  1. Conducting all of their activities in accordance with the regulations and policies of the University of Rhode Island and their general fraternity/sorority, including policies on non-discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, disabilities, or sexual preference;
  2. Complying with their chapter bylaws developed in consultation with and approved by their general fraternity/sorority;
  3. Operating their chapter affairs in a businesslike manner consistent with their constitution and University policies;
  4. Maintaining an atmosphere within their chapter and its activities supportive of high academic standards;
  5. Establishing general goals and specific objectives periodically in consultation with the Director of Greek Affairs and representatives of the general fraternity/sorority;
  6. Progressing toward achievements of these stated goals and objectives in consultation with the University and general fraternity/sorority advisors.

Fundamental Obligations of Fraternal Membership

  1. I will strive for academic achievement and practice academic integrity.
  2. I will respect the dignity of all persons; therefore, I will not physically, mentally, psychologically, or sexually abuse or haze any human being.
  3. I will protect the health and safety of human beings.
  4. I will respect my property and the property of others; therefore, I will neither abuse nor tolerate the abuse of property.
  5. I will meet my financial obligations in a timely manner.
  6. I will neither abuse nor support the use of illegal drugs; I will neither abuse nor support the abuse of alcohol.
  7. I acknowledge that a clean and attractive environment is essential to both physical and mental health; therefore, I will do all in my power to see that the chapter property is properly cleaned and maintained.
  8. I will know and understand the ideals expressed in my fraternal ritual and incorporate them into my daily life.
  9. I will challenge all my fraternity members to abide by these fraternity obligations and will confront those who violate them.

Guiding Policies

NIC Standards for NIC Member Fraternities (pdf)

NPC Standards of Ethical Conduct (pdf)

Constitution of the Interfraternity Council (pdf)

URI Panhellenic Bylaws (revised April 2015) (pdf)

University of Rhode Island Student Handbook

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