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GWS students, Rachel Dunham, Lucy Stillman, and Faith Skodmin presented research on human trafficking at the NEASA conference (left) and the Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking (right) with Professor Donna Hughes.



The Gender and Women’s Studies major requires 30 credits.

Required core courses (15 credits):

  • GWS 150 – Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies
  • GWS 300 – Field Experience in Gender and Women’s Studies OR GWS 320 – Feminist Thought Into Action OR ITR 301/302
  • GWS 310 – Race, Class, and Sexualities in Women’s Lives OR 325 – International Women’s Issues
  • GWS 315 – Introduction to Feminist Theories and Methodologies
  • GWS 400 – Critical Issues and Feminist Scholarship

The remaining 15 credits may be selected from other GWS elective courses, or approved interdisciplinary courses offered through other academic departments. Please note that courses in your primary major may not be used to fulfill your General Education requirements.

The GWS Advisory committee recommends that students majoring in Gender and Women’s Studies either take an additional 18 credits in one area as a minor or pursue a double major so as to combine their interests in Gender and Women’s Studies with a traditional discipline.

GWS Electives

GWS 150 Intro to GWS

GWS 220 Women and Natural Science

GWS 300 Field Experience in GWS

GWS 301 Women’s Professional Development and Leadership

GWS 305 Current Issues in GWS

GWS 310 Race, Class, and Sexuality

GWS 315 Introduction to Feminist Theories and Methodologies

GWS 317 Contemporary Women Novelists of the Americas

GWS 320 Feminist Thought into Action

GWS 325 International Women’s Issues

GWS 350 Open Topics:

Feminist Art, The Diva, Ecofeminism; Female Cyborg and Disability Studies; Gender and Revolutions; Gender and the Holocaust; Monsters and Angels; Narratives of the Witch; Native American Women; Postfeminisms and Popular Culture; Women and Aging; Women and Film; Women and Health; Women and Islam; Women and the Law; Women and Mental Health; Women and Science Fiction; Women and War; Women in China; Women in Music; Wome, Gender, and African Economic Development; Women Poets

GWS 351 Open Topics:

Violence Prevention Training; Violence and Nonviolence in Theory and Fiction: Feminist Alternatives; Women and Judaism; Women in Documentary Film

GWS 360 Men and Masculinities

GWS 361 Women’s Lives in New England

GWS 365 Sexual Violence

GWS 370 Sex Trafficking

GWS 386/ECN 386 The Economics of Race, Gender, and Class

GWS 387X/HIS 387X Latin American History at the Movies

GWS 400 Capstone: Critical Issues in Feminist Scholarship

GWS 401/501 Human Trafficking and Contemporary Slavery

GWS 402/502 Campaigns and Services for Victims of Trafficking and Slavery

GWS 430 Women and Human Rights Policy

GWS 450 Independent Study

GWS 490 Advanced Open Topics:

Women Writing Their Gender, Economics, and Africa’s Sustainable Development; Latin American Women Writers; Women and the Environment; Women Writing Their Lives

GWS 500 Graduate Colloquium in Gender and Women’s Studies

Interdisciplinary Electives Approved for GWS credit

AAF 290 African- American Women: Service, Community, and Self

AAF/HIS 355 Black Women in the US: Colonial Times to the Present

APG 310 Topics in Anthropology

APG 328 Gender and Culture

ARH 385 Women in Art

BUS 346 Women in Business and Management

COM 221 Interpersonal Communication

COM 322 Gender and Communication

COM 326 Family Communication

COM 441 Race, Class, and Gender in the Media

CPL/GEG 202 Intro Urban Geography: Understanding Cities

CSV 303 Service in the Community

ECN 386 The Economics of Race, Gender, and Class

ENG 260 Women and Literature

ENG 385 Women Writers

ENG 387 Foundational Texts in Modern Gay and Lesbian Culture

HDF 205 Family Financial Issues Across the Lifespan

HDF 230 Marriage and Family Relationships

HDF 291 Rose Butler Brown Peer Mentoring Program

HDF 298 Contemporary Issues in Student Development

HDF 430 Family Interaction

HDF 432 Perspectives on Parenting

HDF 433 Family Life Education

HDF 434 Children and Families in Poverty

HDF/SOC 437 Law and Families in the US

HDF 505 Human Sexuality and Counseling

HDF 559 Gender Issues in Therapy

HIS 145 Women in the North American Colonies and the US 1500-1890

HIS 146 Women in the US 1890-Present

HIS 308 Between Eve and Mary: Women in the Middle Ages

HIS 351 Historical Perspectives on Women and Health

HIS 352 Topics in the History of Women and Gender

HIS 355 Black Women in the U.S.: Colonial Times to the Present

HIS 359 History of Slavery in America

HIS 376 Women in Muslim Societies

HIS 391 Directed Study or Research

KIN 475 Gender Issues in Sport and Physical Culture

KIN 555 Women in Sport: Issues and Controversies

MAF 381 Gender, Race, and Class in Coastal Societies

NUR 150 Human Sexuality

NUR 343 Nursing in Childbearing and Reproductive Health

NUR 459 Perspectives on Male and Female Sexuality

NVP 200 Nonviolence and Peace Studies Colloquium

PHL 210 Women and Moral Rights

PSC 312 Gender, Politics, and Media

PSC 441 Women and Politics

PSC 482 Genocide

PSY 425 Peace Psychology

PSY/SOC 430 Intimate Relationships

PSY 466 Child Sexual Abuse

PSY 480 Psychology of Women

SOC 212 Families in Society

SOC 224 Health, Illness, and Medical Care

SOC 242 Sex and Gender

SOC 350 Work and Family Life

SOC 403 Gender, Crime, and Justice

SOC 413 Gender Inequality

SOC 420 Family Violence

TMD 224 Culture, Dress, and Appearance



The Gender and Women’s Studies minor requires 18 credits, including GWS 150, GWS 315, and three credits from any GWS course. The remaining nine credits may be selected from any GWS-designated courses or approved cross-listed courses. Click on the course listing button to see the approved courses in other departments.


Graduate Certificate Program

The Graduate Certificate Program is open to matriculating and non-matriculating graduate students.

GWS National Honor Society: Iota, Iota, Iota (aka Triota)

To be considered for Triota, students need to attain a 3.5 GPA in two or more GWS courses and maintain an overall university GPA of 3.2. See Honors and Awards for more information.

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