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Women’s Studies Honor Society Constitution

Alpha Lambda Chapter of Iota Iota Iota


Article I

Name of Organization

Section 1: The name of the organization shall be the University of Rhode Island Women’s Studies Honor Society, Iota, Iota, Iota. The society is named for the ancient goddesses Inanna, Ishtar, and Isis.


Article II

Description and Purpose of Organization

Section 1: The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage and support scholarship and excellence in women’s studies at the University of Rhode Island. This society strives to promote an interest in women’s studies, research in social problems affecting all women, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the condition of all people.

Section 2: This organization shall be a non-secret, egalitarian chapter of a national society of scholars dedicated to the ideals of excellence in women’s studies and scholarship.


Article III

Qualifications for Membership

Section 1: Membership shall be open to declared majors or minors in women’s studies or any student at the University of Rhode Island having a strong interest in women’s studies and having achieved third semester standing with at least 6 hours of women’s studies courses with a GPA of at least 3.5. The society shall, at its discretion, initiate into the society faculty at URI with a proven record of strong interest in Women’s Studies.

Section 2: All students who meet approved academic criteria are invited to become members of this Women’s Studies academic society without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, differing abilities, economic class, or sexual orientation.

Section 3: Those persons who have been approved for membership by a chartered chapter of this society and who have paid the initiation fee for membership shall be accorded the status of life member.

Section 4: Active student members shall be students who have been initiated into the society and who are currently enrolled at the University of Rhode Island.

Section 5: Active faculty members shall be faculty who are currently teaching at the University of Rhode Island and who have been initiated into the society.

Section 6: Associate student and faculty members shall be those who have been initiated into the society and are no longer enrolled or teaching at the University of Rhode Island.

Section 7: The Director of the Women’s Studies Program, with the approval of the officers of the society, shall appoint a faculty advisor.


Article IV

Officers of the Organization

Section 1: The elected officers of this organization shall be as follows: President, Vice- President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 2: The term of office shall be for the calendar year.

Section 3: Elections shall be held during the fall semester. Officers will be installed at the annual meeting held early in the spring semester.

Section 4: Officers shall be elected from the active membership of the chapter. No one officer shall serve more than 2 years.

Section 5: It shall be the duty of the President to preside over meetings of the organization. The President shall represent Iota Iota Iota at meetings of the WMS Advisory Board.

Section 6: It shall be the duty of the Vice President to serve in the capacity of President during an absence of the President. The Vice-president shall fill the unexpired term of the President when that office is vacant.

Section 7: It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to administer the financial affairs of the organization and to present the status of finances at organization meetings for approval and inclusion in the minutes of the organization.

Section 8: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the minutes of the organization’s meetings and to present the same for approval and inclusion in the minutes of the organization. The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining a current e-mail group list, and shall also be responsible for the correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, of the organization.

Section 9: The Executive Board of the organization shall consist of the elected officers, two members at large elected by the active membership, and the Faculty Advisor. It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to pass any business which refers to the Executive Board by a simple majority vote.

Section 10: In the event that the Vice-president, Secretary or Treasurer is unable to serve a full term of office, the President, in consultation with the Executive Board, shall appoint a replacement for the unexpired portion.


Article V

Standing committees

Section 1: This society shall have three standing committees as follows:

  • (a) Executive Board. The Executive Board shall be empowered to act for the society between meetings.
  • (b) Planning Committee. The Planning committee shall consist of the Vice President, who shall chair the planning committee, and at least two members elected by the active members of the chapter. It shall be the duty of the planning committee to propose and arrange special events or projects, including the initiation of new members into the chapter, and such events as discussions, panels, conferences, lectures, film showings, or similar activities that further the goals of the society.
  • (c) Nominating Committee. The nominating committee shall consist of three members elected by the active members of the chapter. This committee shall follow appropriate procedures to solicit nominations for all elected offices and committees and to conduct elections.


Article VI


Section 1: Meetings will be held once each month at the Women’s Studies lounge in Roosevelt Hall unless otherwise specified.

Section 2: Special meetings shall be called by e-mail by the Secretary of the organization at least one week prior to the special meeting.

Section 3: The annual members meeting shall be similarly called by the Secretary.


Article VII


Section 1: A quorum for any meeting shall consist of at least three members of the Executive Board and any additional members in attendance.


Article VIII


Section 1: Amendments must be presented to the Executive Board for approval before they may be submitted to the organization for vote. Amendments must pertain to the purpose of the honor society.

Section 2: The secretary shall distribute proposed amendments to the active members at least one week prior to the meeting at which they will be discussed.

Section 3: Ratification of amendments to this constitution shall require a three-fourths vote of active members casting ballots.


Article IX

Enacting Clause

Section 1: This Constitution shall become effective upon approval by a two-thirds majority of the eligible members who cast votes.

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