Aldrich Hall

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Orquidia Paulino
Orquidia Paulino
Graduate Hall Director

Opened in 1966, Aldrich is named after Nelson W. Aldrich (1841-1915), a Rhode Island congressman and senator. The building is arranged as three towers, with semi-private communities on each floor.

It is commonly recognized as one of the six balcony buildings in the Roger Williams Complex surrounding Anna Fascitelli Fitness & Wellness Center.

Residents who live here are primarily sophomores, and are expected to clean their own bathrooms.

There are no kitchens in the rooms, so a meal plan is required.

Room Details

(Sizes are estimates for a typical room)

Size12′ x 13′15′ x 14′12′ x 19′
Housing Rates for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. All rates are per student per semester. Rates are subject to change pending state Board of Governors review. View all housing rates »

Floor Plans

1st Floor | 2nd Floor | 3rd Floor | 4th Floor