Coddington Hall

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Cameron Hoyt
Graduate Hall Director

Opened in 1966, Coddington is named after William Coddington (1601-1678), founder of Portsmouth and Newport. The building is arranged as five towers, with semi-private communities on each floor.

It is commonly recognized as one of the six balcony buildings in the Roger Williams Complex surrounding Anna Fascitelli Fitness & Wellness Center. Coddington is also home to the Sophomore Honors Students Community.

Residents who live here are primarily sophomores and are expected to clean their own bathrooms.

There are no kitchens in the rooms, so a meal plan is required.

Room Details

(Sizes are estimates for a typical room)

Size12′ x 13′15′ x 14′12′ x 19′
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Floor Plans

1st Floor | 2nd Floor | 3rd Floor | 4th Floor