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Tuition Waiver Policy – AAUP


14.5 Tuition.

General fees or course charges for all full-time faculty members may be waived when they undertake a regular study program at the University. Spouses, children and domestic partners of full-time faculty who are not full-time students may be registered, with the approval of the Registrar, for no more than three (3) courses up to and including eleven (11) credits in any one semester for undergraduate work and no more than two courses up to and including eight (8) credits in any one semester for graduate work.

Spouses, children and domestic partners of full-time faculty, enrolled full-time or part-time in the University, degree or non-degree candidates, shall pay all regular University fees except the General Fee. Children eligible are those who are unmarried and under age 21 at the time of original registration
and who remain continuously registered.

14.5.1 Tuition waivers as described in this Article for all full-time faculty members shall also be made available for courses at the Community College of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College, when the eligible spouses, children or domestic partners pursue courses for credits at the baccalaureate level in a regular study program.

14.5.2 If a student, who is otherwise eligible for tuition waiver in this section, withdraws while in good academic and disciplinary standing at the University and is readmitted within one (1) year to the University, then he/she shall continue to be eligible for tuition waiver so long as he/she remains
continuously registered thereafter and is otherwise eligible.

14.5.3 The tuition waiver benefit, as described in Section 14.5, will be made available for children, spouses and domestic partners of deceased faculty members who have served full-time for seven or more years and who are in the employ of the University at the time of death.


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