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Classified Recruitment Process

To fill an existing classified position with no changes:

  • The requesting department completes the RF-1 (Request to Fill form) for positions on Fund 100 (all or partial) and 20 hours a week or more and forwards for signature authority.
  • Once the RF-1 is approved by the appropriate Vice President or Provost, it should be forwarded to Anne Marie Coleman in HR for final approval.
  • If an RF-1 is not required, contact Donna Charron directly at 874-2317.
  • Donna Charron in Human Resources will notify the requesting department once the position is approved for posting.  At that time, any further information required for the posting process will be obtained.
  • Once the position posting deadline has passed, Donna Charron in Human Resources will contact the department with the results of the posting.

To make any changes to an existing position to be filled:

  • Please contact Jackie Tiner in Human Resources (874-5268).
  •  A USP-1 form may be required i.e., change in number of hours worked (part time to full time or vice versa), position status (permanent or limited)(calendar or academic year), etc.

To make a change to the title of an existing position:

  • Please contact Diego Jones (4-5269) to ensure that the new title is appropriate prior to completing the USP-1 (to change the title) and the RF-1 (to fill the position).

To Fill a New Classified position:

  • Please contact Diego Jones (4-5269) to discuss the proper classification (title) for the position prior to completing the USP-1 (to create the position) and the RF-1 (to fill the position).


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