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These titles listed below are for descriptions only and may not be currently posted jobs.



A Top

Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor/Learning Specialist

Academic Advisor/Learning Specialist for Student Athletes

Accountant (Accounts Payable)

Accountant (Cash Reconciliation)

Accountant (Research Receivables)

Administrator, Bookstore

Admission Advisor

Admission Officer

Admission Reader

Advisor, International Education

Anaylst, Grants & Contracts

Animal Technician

Artist (Graphic Design)

Assistant Administrator, Bookstore

Assistant Administrator, Production & Catering Services

Assistant Coach, Men’s Baseball

Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball

Assistant Coach, Men’s Cross Country/Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field

Assistant Coach, Men’s Football/Defense

Assistant Coach, Men’s Football/Offensive Running Back

Assistant Coach, Men’s Soccer

Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball

Assistant Coach, Women’s Cross Country, Indoor & Outdoor Track & Field

Assistant Coach, Women’s Gymnastics

Assistant Coach, Women’s Rowing

Assistant Coach, Women’s Soccer

Assistant Coach, Women’s Softball

Assistant Coach, Women’s Swimming

Assistant Coach, Women’s Volleyball

Assistant Controller

Assistant Dean, Admission

Assistant Dean, Arts & Sciences/Instruction

Assistant Dean, Arts & Science/Student Affairs

Assistant Dean, Arts & Sciences/Student Services

Assistant Dean, Business Administration

Assistant Dean, CELS/Student Affairs

Assistant Dean, Human Science and Services

Assistant Dean, Nursing

Assistant Dean, University College

Assistant Director, Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity & Diversity

Assistant Director, Alumni/Finances

Assistant Director, Alumni Relations

Assistant Director, Athletics/Facility Management & Planning

Assistant Director, Athletics, Marketing, Advertising & Ticket Sales

Assistant Director, Athletics/Operations

Assistant Director, AV/Production Services

Assistant Director, Campus Planning & Design

Assistant Director, Career Services

Assistant Director, Career Services/Employer Relations

Assistant Director, CCE/Student Services

Assistant Director, Chinese Flagship Program

Assistant Director, Coastal Resources Center/International

Assistant Director, Compliance

Assistant Director, Counseling

Assistant Director, Enrollment Services

Assistant Director, Facilities and Operations/Custodial Services

Assistant Director, Facilities Services/Landscape & Grounds

Assistant Director, Facilities Services/Maintenance & Repair

Assistant Director, HRL/Housing Facilities

Assistant Director, HRL/Residential Complexes

Assistant Director, HRL/Residential Education

Assistant Director, IEP Living/Learning Community

Assistant Director, International Education & NSE

Assistant Director, Memorial Union

Assistant Director, Memorial Union/Fiscal

Assistant Director, Multicultural Student Services

Assistant Director, National Fellowships & Academic Opportunities

Assistant Director, NBC (OMP)

Assistant Director, Office of International Education and NSE

Assistant Director, Publications/Design Services (Interim)

Assistant Director, Property Support

Assistant Director, Publications/Design Services

Assistant Director, Purchasing

Assistant Director, Remote Sensing Oceanographic Laboratory (Software/hardware)

Assistant Director, Rhode Island Sea Grant College Program

Assistant Director, SPTD

Assistant Director, Sponsored Projects

Assistant Director, Sponsored Projects Review

Assistant Director, Sports Information

Assistant Director, Student Involvement and Experiential Learning

Assistant Director, Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment

Assistant Director, Student Life/Disability Services

Assistant Director, Student Life/Judicial and Commuter Affairs

Assistant Director, Student Life/Substance Abuse Prevention Services

Assistant Director, Student Life/Violence Prevention & Advocacy Services

Assistant Director, Student Leadership Development

Assistant Director, Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment

Assistant Director, WAJ/Conferences & Special Events

Assistant Director, WAJ/Environmental Education Center

Assistant Director, Women’s Center

Assistant Executive Secretary UNOLS

Assistant Legal Counsel

Assistant Manager, GSO Accounting Office

Assistant Manager, Accounting

Assistant Marine Development Engineer

Assistant Marine Research Scientist

Assistant to the Provost for Global Strategies & Academic Partnerships

Assistant to the Vice President, Administration & Finance

Assistant University Purchasing Agent

Assistant Vice President, Business Services

Assistant Vice President and Director of Housing & Residential Life

Assistant Vice President, Human Resource Administration

Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs & Dean of Students

Associate Administrator, Food Services

Associate Athletic Therapist

Associate Coastal Resources Manager

Associate Controller

Associate Dean, Arts & Sciences

Associate Dean, CCE/Academic Division

Associate Dean, College of Business Administration

Associate Dean, College of Business Administration (Grad Programs & Research)

Associate Dean, College of Business Administration (Undergraduate Programs)

Associate Dean, College of Nursing

Associate Dean, Engineering/Student Affairs

Associate Dean, Graduate School

Associate Dean, Human Science & Services

Associate Dean, University College

Associate Director, Alumni Relations

Associate Director, Athletics/Communication & New Media

Associate Director, Athletics Compliance

Associate Director, Athletics/Health and Performance

Associate Director, Athletic Programs

Associate Director, Budget & Financial Planning

Associate Director, CPRC

Associate Director, Health Services

Associate Director, HRL

Associate Director, Information Security

Associate Director, Institute for Immunology & Informatics (I-Cubed)

Associate Director, Intellectual Property (Legal)

Associate Director, Residential Life

Associate Director, Southern RI Area Health Education Center

Associate Director, SPTD

Associate Marine Development Engineer I

Associate Marine Research Scientist

Associate Marine Scientist

Associate Vice President for Community, Equity and Diversity

Associate Vice President, Development

Associate Vice President, Research/Intellectual Property Management & Commercialization

Athletic Therapist

B Top

Budget Specialist II, Financial Analysis

Business Analyst, President’s Office


C Top

Campus Sustainability Officer

Captain, Intermediate Research Vessel/NBC

Captain, Small Boats

Career Advisor

Cash Management Officer

Chemical Hygiene Officer

Chief Accountant

Chief Information Officer

Chief of Staff

Clinical Counselor

Computer Engineer


Coordinator I, HRL/Judicial Affairs

Coordinator II, HRL/Judicial Affairs

Coordinator, Admission Marketing & Advertising

Coordinator, Alarms

Coordinator, Aquatics

Coordinator, ASFCCE/LEAP

Coordinator, ASF/CCE Student Affairs

Coordinator, Athletics/Marketing, Development & Special Projects for Women’s Athletics

Coordinator, Athletics, Marketing & Promotion

Coordinator, Basketball Operations/Men’s Basketball

Coordinator, Basketball Operations/Women’s Basketball

Coordinator, Budget & Financial Planning Systems

Coordinator, Campus Planning & Design

Coordinator, Campus Recreation/Fitness & Wellness Programs

Coordinator, CCE/Arts & Culture

Coordinator, CELS/Community Engagement & Outreach Programs

Coordinator, CELS/Research and Outreach Programs

Coordinator, CELS – Student Diversity Initiatives

Coordinator, Center for Excellence in Explosives Detection

Coordinator, Child Development Center

Coordinator, Cluster Hire Initiative

Coordinator, College of Engineering Minority Student Recruitment/Retention

Coordinator, Compliance Office

Coordinator, Conference/WAJ (WPCC), Sales

Coordinator, Couple and Family Therapy Clinic

Coordinator, Confucius Institute

Coordinator, CPRC/Assessment

Coordinator, Dining/Access Control Systems

Coordinator, Dining Services/Operation & Training

Coordinator, Distance Learning Prgms

Coordinator, Early Childhood Jumpstart Program

Coordinator, Education (GEMS-NET & Careers)

Coordinator, Employeee Benefits

Coordinator, Experiential Education Liaison

Coordinator, Facilities Services

Coordinator, Faculty Senate

Coordinator, Finish-What-You-Started Program

Coordinator, Fire/Line Safety Operations

Coordinator, Fitness/Wellness Programs

Coordinator, Feinstein Center for Service Learning

Coordinator, Food Service Systems

Coordinator, Football Operations

Coordinator, Foreign National Tax Compliance

Coordinator, GEMSNET/Educational Outreach

Coordinator, Graduate School Recruitment/Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program

Coordinator, GSO/Coastal Resources Center

Coordinator, GSO/OMP (COSEE)

Coordinator, Harrington School of Communication and Media

Coordinator, Hazardous Materials and Chemical Waste

Coordinator, Health Information Management

Coordinator, Health Services/Clinical Laboratory Services

Coordinator, Health Services/Pharmacy Education

Coordinator, Honors Prgm/Academic Programming, Advising & Outreach

Coordinator, HRL/Educational Programs

Coordinator, IEP

Coordinator, IEP Living/Learning Communities

Coordinator, IEP (Spanish Unit)

Coordinator, Industrial Hygiene and Fire Safety

Coordinator, Institute for Immunology & Informatics (I’ Cubed)

Coordinator, International Summer Programs & English Language Studies

Coordinator, International Student Services

Coordinator, Intramural Sports

Coordinator, ITS Communications & Data Systems/Financial Management Support

Coordinator, ITS/MTS Billing and Operations Systems

Coordinator, LGBTQ Programs & Services

Coordinator, Marketing & Advertising

Coordinator, MBA Programs

Coordinator, Medication and Alcohol Intervention Program

Coordinator, Memorial Union/Marketing & Facility Usage

Coordinator, Military Kids Program

Coordinator, Music Preparatory Program

Coordinator, Music resources – Listening Center & Music Facilities

Coordinator, National Sea Grant Library

Coordinator, NBC/Astrobiology and Geochemistry Programs

Coordinator, NBC/Facility Operations

Coordinator, Nursing/Clinical Programs

Coordinator, NUWC Student Service Center/Contracts & Facility Security

Coordinator, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Coordinator, Pharmacy/Continuing Education Programs

Coordinator, Pharmacy/Professional Experiential Programs

Coordinator, Pharmacy/Student Affairs

Coordinator, Production & Catering Services

Coordinator, Property Acquisitions

Coordinator, Public Safety/Community Outreach and Education

Coordinator, Publications/Productions

Coordinator, Recreation Facilities/Special Events

Coordinator, Recreational Svs/Club Sports

Coordinator, Recycling & Solid Waste Management

Coordinator, RI NSF EPSCor/Communication & Outreach

Coordinator, RI NSF EPSCor Cooperative Agreement

Coordinator, SMILE Program

Coordinator, Social Media

Coordinator, Space, Excess – Surplus Property

Coordinator, Sports Communication

Coordinator, SPTD/Guaranteed Admissions Program

Coordinator, SPTD/RELAAY

Coordinator, Student Leadership Programs

Coordinator, Student Life/Disability Services

Coordinator, Student Life – Greek Affairs

Coordinator, Student Life/Off-Campus Living

Coordinator, University College – Academic Enhancement Center

Coordinator, University College – Advising Programs for Student Athletes

Coordinator, University College – Internships & Experiential Programs

Coordinator, University College – Orientation

Coordinator, University College, Transfer Resource Center

Coordinator, University of Rhode Island Transportation Ctr

Coordinator, University Summer Sessions Marketing

Coordinator, Student Life/Violence Prevention & Advocacy Services

Coordinator, WAJ – Conference, Special Events & Retreats

Coordinator, WAJ/Environmental Education Center Programs

Coordinator, WAJC – Special Events/Conferences (Whispering Pines Conference Center)

Criminalist I

Criminalist II (Boiler Plate)

Criminalist II (Fingerprint Examiner)

Criminalist II (Trace Examiner)

Curator, Capital Projects – University Records Vault

Curator, Fine Arts – Slide Collection

Curator, Media Resource Center

Customer Service Representative (RAM Computers)

D Top

Dean, Admissions

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Dean, College of Business

Dean, College of Engineering

Dean, College of The Environment and Life Sciences

Dean, Graduate School

Dean, Graduate School of Oceanography

Dean, Human Science & Services

Dean, Nursing

Dean, Pharmacy

Dean, University College and Special Academic Programs

Dean, University Libraries

Deputy Director, Athletics

Director, Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity & Diversity

Director, Athletics

Director, Budget & Financial Planning

Director, Campus Planning & Design

Director, Capital Projects

Director, CCE/Student Services

Director, CELS – Finance & Administration

Director, Coastal Institute

Director, Communications & Marketing

Director, Cooperative Extension Education Center

Director, Counseling Center

Director, Dining & Retail Food

Director, Enrollment Services

Director, Experiential Learning/Pharmacy Practice

Director, Feinstein Center for a Hunger Free America

Director, Finance & Administration/ASF College of Continuing Education

Director, Grants and Contracts Accounting

Director, GSO/Marine Operations

Director, Health Services

Director, International Education & National Student Exchange

Director, Learning, Assessment and Online Education

Director, Legislation and Government Relations

Director, LGBTQ Center

Director, Management Information Service

Director, Memorial Union & Student Activities

Director, Medical Services/Staff Physician

Director, Multicultural Student Services

Director, National Institute for Public Safety Research and Training

Director, NBC Facilities and Operations

Director, NBC/Inner Space Center

Director, NBC/Office of Marine Programs

Director, Networking and Telecommunications Services

Director, New Media

Director, Office of Teacher Education

Director, Personnel Services

Director, Planning Services, Professional Development & Executive Assistant to the President

Director, Property and Support Services

Director, Psychological Consultation Center

Director, Public Programming & Events

Director, Public Safety

Director, Publications

Director, Purchasing & University Stores

Director, Research Compliance

Director, Research Development

Director, Rhode Island Sea Grant Program

Director, Special Programs for Talent Development

Director, Sponsored Projects

Director, State Crime Laboratory

Director, Student Life

Director, Student Life/Women’s Center

Director, University College/New Student Programs

Director, University Facilities Services

Director, University Research External Relations

Director, W. Alton Jones Campus

Diving Safety Officer

E Top


Editor (Web)


Educator III

Electrical Materials Engineer

Enrollment Services Officer

Evening Coordinator, CCE/Student Svs

Executive Assistant I

Executive Assistant II

Executive Chef

Executive Director, Alumni Relations & Secretary to Alumni Association

Executive Director, Communications & Community Relations

Executive Housekeeper

Executive Secretary, UNOLS


F Top

Financial Reporting Analyst

Fiscal Coordinator, IDeA Network/INBRE

G Top

General Counsel

H Top

Hall Director

Hall Director II

Head Coach, Athletics Bands

Head Coach, Field Hockey

Head Coach, Men’s Baseball

Head Coach, Men’s Basketball

Head Coach, Men’s Football

Head Coach, Men’s Soccer

Head Coach, Strength & Conditioning

Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

Head Coach, Women’s Rowing

Head Coach, Women’s Soccer

Head Coach, Women’s Softball


I Top

Industrial Hygienist

Information Technologist

Internal Auditor

ITS Customer Service Representative

J Top


K Top


L Top

Lab Technician II

Laboratory Manager, Institute for Immunology & Informatics (I-Cubed)

Lead Database Support Technologist, MIS/Database Services

Lead Information Technologist

Lead Programmer Analyst

Learning Specialist, UC/Academic Enhancement Center

M Top

Manager, Accounting (PeopleSoft Management System)

Manager, Advancement Services

Manager, Alumni/Business

Manager, Athletics/Business

Manager, Biological Sciences Undergraduate Laboratories

Manager, Bookstore (Sign Shop & Special Events)

Manager, Business Development and Administration/Living Rite Project

Manager, CCE – Facilities & Operations

Manager, Chemistry Undergraduate Laboratory

Manager, College of Arts and Sciences/Business

Manager, Conferences & Special Program Development

Manager, Construction Projects I (Utilities and Environmental Compliance)

Manager, Construction Projects II

Manager, Costume Shop/Theatre Department

Manager, Dining Services

Manager, Energy Management Control Systems

Manager, Engineering/Business

Manager, Environment and Life Sciences/Business

Manager, GSO/UNOLS Technical Support

Manager, Human Science & Services – Business

Manager, IITS – Desktop Technology Services

Manager, Internet Technology

Manager, Instructional Technology and Media Services

Manager, Marketing/New Media Communications

Manager, Memorial Union – Night

Manager, NBC/GSO Business

Manager, NBC/Science Communications and Metcalf Institute

Manager, NETS Facilities & Operations

Manager, ORL/Finances

Manager, Peckham Farm

Manager, Pharmacy/Business

Manager, Pharmacy/Technology Services

Manager, Programs/GSO, Archaeological Oceanography

Manager, Reconciliation

Manager, Student Loans

Manager, Systems Development/NBC Computer Center

Manager, Turfgrass and Athletic Grounds

Manager, University Computing Systems/Application Support Services

Manager, University Computing Systems/Database Services

Manager, University Computing Services/Operations

Manager, W. Alton Jones/Business

Manager, WAJ/Night & Weekend

Marine Research Assistant I

Marine Research Assistant II

Marine Research Assistant III

Marine Research Assistant IV

Marine Research Associate I

Marine Research Associate II

Marine Research Associate III

Marine Research Associate IV

Marine Research Specialist I

Marine Research Specialist II

Marine Research Specialist III

Marine Research Specialist IV

Marine Research Specialist V

Media Supervisor (CCE)

N Top

Network Manager

Network Technician III

Network Technician IV

Nurse Practitioner

O Top

Ocean Engineer

P Top

Personnel Manager


Port Engineer

Programmer Analyst

Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs


Q Top


R Top

Ram van Driver

Research Assistant I

Research Assistant II

Research Assistant III

Research Assistant IV

Research Associate I

Research Associate II

Research Associate III

Research Associate IV

Research Associate/Data Analyst II

Research Associate/Data Analyst III

Research Associate/Data Analyst IV

Risk Manager

S Top

Senior Associate Director of Enrollment Service

Senior Business Analyst

Senior Business Analyst (General Accounting Office)

Senior Development Officer

Senior Information Technologist

Senior Internal Auditor

Senior Marine Research Scientist

Senior Programmer Analyst

Senior Programmer Consultant

Senior Technical Programmer

Ship’s Technician IV

Specialist, I/II, Education & Social Policy & Programs

Specialist I/II, School of Education

Specialist II, Education & Social Policy & Programs in Education

Specialist II, Grants & Contracts

Specialist, Aquatics

Special Assistant to Vice Provost/Info Tech Svs

Specialist, CELS/Land Grant Programs

Specialist, Chemical Inventory & Laboratory Equipment

Specialist, CRC/Public Information & Communications

Specialist, Faculty Senate

Specialist, GEMSNET/Middle School Science Education

Specialist, Gerontology/Geriatrics Continuing Education Program

Specialist, Grants & Contracts

Specialist, IACUC/IBC Compliance

Specialist, IRB – RCR Compliance

Specialist, HCM & Financial Systems

Specialist, Honors Program/Pre-Health and Fellowships

Specialist, International Student Services

Specialist, Nutrition

Specialist, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Specialist, Pharmacy/Continuing Education Program

Specialist, Pharmacy/Grants & Contracts

Specialist, Public Information & Communications

Specialist, Public Programming & Events

Specialist, RI-INBRE/Outreach

Specialist, Substance Abuse (Clinician)

Specialist, Urban Field Center

Staff Physician, Clinical Practice

Supervisor, New Media

Supervisor, Nursing Facilities

Supervisor, WAJC/Environmental Education Center

T Top

Teacher, Child Development Center

Technical Programmer

Technician I

Technician II

Technician III (Industrial & Systems Engineering)

Technician, Environmental Management Controls Systems

Technician (Ice Rink)

Technician (New Media)

Technologist, Imaging Services

Third Assistant Engineer/Assistant Port Engineer

U Top

University Landscape Architect

University Photographer

University Police Lieutenant

University Police Major

University Police Sergeant

University Psychologist

Utilities Engineer

V Top

Vice President, Administration and Finance

Vice President, Research and Economic Development

Vice President, Student Affairs

Vice President, University Advancement

Vice Provost, for Urban Programs

Vice Provost, for Enrollment Management

W Top


X Top


Y Top


Z Top


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