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Date: September 1983 (Revised)



All management responsible for hiring of employees.


Supervisors and managers who are interviewing and hiring candidates of positions are responsible for adhering to this policy. The Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Administration is responsible for administering this policy.


It is the policy of the University of Rhode Island to seek the best qualified applicants for positions without regard to whether or not they have relatives already employed at the University.  The basic criteria for appointment is appropriate qualifications. Family or marital relationships shall constitute neither an advantage nor a deterrent to appointment at the University provided the individuals meets and fulfills the appropriate appointment standards.

Appointment of relatives or spouses to the same administrative unit may be made provided that such employment does not impair the efficiency of the unit. Employment of relatives and spouses in positions that are functionally dependent on each other should be considered with particular care.  It is  not the intent of this policy to encourage the employment of relatives within the same unit, but rather to re-emphasize the concept that the selection of personnel shall be solely on the basis of merit.

However, no two persons of the same family may hold positions in which one of them is directly or indirectly responsible for recommendations or decisions involving the other in such matters as the initial appointment, retention, promotion, tenure, salary, leave of absence, or any other job related function of a supervisory nature.

Any exceptions to this policy must have the explicit, written permission of the President.
Family relationships referred to in this policy are defined as parents, spouses, siblings, and their spouses and children.


To avoid violation of state minimum age provisions requiring working papers or work permits, age sixteen (16) will be the minimum age for employment in any occupation at the University.

However, if a department wishes to employ a minor between the ages of sixteen (16) and eighteen (18), written permission from the Office of Human Resource Administration must be obtained prior to an employment offer. The department should notify the Office of Human Resource Administration far enough in advance to prevent payment delays.  This requirement is established to assure that minors are not employed in hazardous occupations.



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