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Date: July, 1977





All University employees.


To set forth University policy concerning nepotism and conflict of interest and to be sure that existence of these policies is understood.


1. It is the responsibility of each employee to be aware of and to understand this policy.

2. It is the responsibility of the University to enforce this policy regarding nepotism and conflict of interest.


1. No two persons of the same family may hold positions in which one of them is directly or indirectly responsible for recommendations or decisions involving the other in such matters as initial appointment, retention, promotion, tenure, salary, leave of absence, or any other job related function of a supervisory nature. Family relationships referred to in the this policy are defined as parents, spouse, children and their spouses, siblings, and their spouses and their children.

2. Family relationship shall not be a bar to appointment, except that two persons of the same family may not hold positions in which one of them is directly responsible for making recommendations regarding promotion, tenure, or salary of the other. Family is defined as spouse, children and their spouses, and siblings and their spouses and children.

3. Students who are relatives (see definition of family relationship above) cannot be employed in the same administrative unit where the employing relative has direct or indirect responsibility for recommendations or decisions involving the student in such matters as initial employment, retention, salary, and similar personnel matters.

a. Personnel Policy: Employment of Relatives and Minors, October 1977

b. University Manual: 7.12.10 Family Relationships

c. University Policy: Student Employment, August 1979

4. No member of the Board of Governors (formerly the Board of Trustees of State Colleges, then

the Board of Regents) shall be employed in any position under the jurisdiction of the board. No

person related by consanguinity of affinity in the first degree to any member of the board shall be

employed in any capacity under the board’s jurisdiction.


5. The following groups cannot enter into contracts with the University unless the contracts have been

awarded through an open and public process that includes prior public notices and subsequent

public disclosures of all proposals considered and contract awarded:

a. Employees of the University of members of their families as defined in the University’s Personnel Policy.

b. Business associates of employees.

c. Business entities in which employees, employees’ families, or business associates of employees, have a ten percent or greater interest.

6. Contracts for professional services which are customarily awarded without competitive bidding will continue to be exempt from competitive bidding if awarded through a process of public notice and with disclosure of financial details in advance to the University Controller.

a. Rhode Island General Law 16-31-13. Adverse interest of trustees prohibited.


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