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Date: November, 1982 (revised)




 All non-faculty employees.


Additional compensation is payment for work over and above an employee’s job assignment in a department or state agency other than the one in which the employee is regularly assigned. Such work is voluntary in nature. It does not include or affect:

a. provisions in union contracts concerning outside consultation;

b. the legal requirements of overtime within a person’s regular job assignment.

c. staff who hold a full-time appointment with the University Extension outside their regular work day, and;

d. employees on federally funded, extended overseas activities.


It is the policy of the University that no URI employees shall devote any portion of their regularly-scheduled work day for private purposes. A full-time employee may receive additional compensation for other activities from funds managed by the University if the policy and procedures stated below are followed. However, no employee can receive additional compensation from a contract or grant on which he is a principal investigator.

Additional compensation should never be considered as part of an employee’s regular compensation.


1. It is the responsibility of the employee to inform his/her department head of the nature and extent of the additional work and obtain prior permission by initiating the “Authorization for Payment for Additional Compensation” for (USP-7).

2. It is the responsibility of the department head to certify that the proposed additional employment will be performed outside the employee’s regular work schedule and does not interfere with the employee’s assigned duties.

3. It is the responsibility of the Dean or Director to check requests and to insure that the work is professionally appropriate, does not constitute a conflict of interest, and that pay rates are appropriate.

4. It is the responsibility of the Vice President/Provost to grant approval and authorize payment.

5. It is the responsibility of the Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Administration to administer this policy and grant final approval.


Additional compensation may be paid if all the following conditions are met:


2. The work is outside his/her department and is in addition to the work which has been assigned to the employee as part of a normal, full-time load and is clearly beyond the assigned work load within his department.

3. The employee must perform the additional employment outside his work schedule.

4. Discharging of vacation or other leave time to perform additional employment for pay is prohibited.

5. Evidence is presented to show that the work can best be handled by the University employee.

6. The additional work in no way interferes with the performance of regularly assigned duties.

7. The additional work will in no way provide a conflict of interest for the employee and is professionally appropriate. (See President Frank Newman’s memorandum of January 11, 1980 on Nepotism and Conflict of Interest, and State Personnel Rule 6.02).

8. Any materials utilized in the performance of this work must be paid by the hiring department or state agency. Employees should not use University tools and equipment unless reimbursement costs are involved and they have the approval of their department heads. No other University employees can be utilized to compete this work.

9. Any extraordinary event which requires exception must receive approval of the appropriate Vice President and the President of the University.


Additional compensation as defined in this policy is divided into the following categories: (1) ADDITIONAL EMPLOYMENT (SIMILAR DUTIES), (2) ADDITIONAL EMPLOYMENT (DISSIMILAR DUTIES), (3) RELEASE TIME, and (4) SPECIAL EMPLOYMENT.

1. ADDITIONAL EMPLOYMENT (SIMILAR DUTIES) applies to employment at the University that is similar to the duties specified in the employee’s job description but is performed outside his regularly-assigned work schedule for another department. Rates of pay shall normally be straight time.

2. ADDITIONAL EMPLOYMENT (DISSIMILAR DUTIES) applies to employment at the University that is substantially different from the duties specified in the employee’s job description and is performed outside his/her regularly assigned work schedule for another department.

3. RELEASE TIME applies to employment either at the University or at another State agency that is similar to the duties specified in the employee’s job description and is performed during his regularly assigned work schedule. Payment does not accrue to the individual performing the work but is credited to the budget of the releasing department.

4. SPECIAL EMPLOYMENT applies to a brief, one-time job, performed by a University employee outside of his regularly assigned work schedule for another State agency (examples: RIC, Ladd School). The URI employee completes a Form A-64, REQUEST FOR SPECIAL EMPLOYMENT, obtains the signature of the paying authority at URI, and forwards the form to the University Office of Human Resource Administration for processing of payment.


When a permanent employee of another State agency is employed by the University on a temporary, one-time basis, payment is processed by the University. The employee from the outside State agency completes Form A-64, obtains the signature of the paying authority at URI, and forwards the form to the University Office of Human Resource Administration Department for processing of payment.

The paying authority signs the A-64 on the lower, left side of the pager, under the certification statement. His signature is verification of the amount of payment and the account to be charged for payment. Compensation should not exceed prevailing pay rates for the job being performed.

The A-64 Form may be obtained from the State Controller’s office or the Office of Human Resource Administration.


a. Authorization for Payment of Additional Compensation (USP-7)

b. Request for Special Employment (A-64)

c. Request for Transfer Payroll Changes

d. MP-7

e. Invoice Voucher


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