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Cassie Catlow

  • Hometown: Saunderstown, RIcatlow_profile
  • Major: Kinesiology: Exercise Science
  • Graduation Year: 2015

Why did you choose this degree program?

It was not until my sophomore year of high school that I realized I wanted to become a physical therapist.  I suffered a major knee injury that made me miss my whole hockey season and took a whole year of physical therapy to recover from.  It was during that year that I realized what a great profession physical therapy is and what an amazing feeling it must be to see one’s patients making progress on a daily basis.

What inspired you to pursue your career choice?

I think getting to know the various physical therapists that helped me recover is what really inspired me.  I have always maintained really good grades growing up along with playing multiple sports.  When I realized there was a profession that could combine my interest in the sciences with my love of sports and helping others, I knew it was what I wanted to do.

Why did you choose URI?

I chose URI because of the great programs it offers especially the Physical Therapy Program.  With such a great program close to home, I thought it would be the perfect fit.  I grew up at the Boss Arena since the day it opened, spending almost every night there watching as much hockey as I could.  At a young age I saw what it was like to be a URI student athlete, watching many of the men’s hockey games, and I began to wish someday I could be a Ram.

What has been the best part of your studies at URI?

While I have enjoyed all of my classes at URI, I have enjoyed the Kinesiology classes that I need to take for my major the most.  The labs and topics of all the classes I have taken so far have really interested me and made it fun to come to class each day.

What’s been the best part of your whole experience at URI?

I think the best thing about my experience has been the people I have met.  While the awards I have received have been wonderful, I would never be where I am today without the support of all those who have helped me along the way.  Only a few of my classmates from high school attend URI, so going into my freshman year I knew almost no one.  That changed quickly as I now have the best friends I have ever had and know that our relationships will continue long after graduation.  The girls on the hockey team have become family; to look around the locker room and know you have twenty close friends is something I wish everyone could experience.  It has also been nice to go to school so close to home and be able to have my family share my accomplishments. The people at URI that will cheer you up after a bad day and go out of their way to help you are what have truly made my experience here unique.

What has surprised you most about URI?

I think what has surprised me most about URI is all the opportunities that are offered so close to home.  Growing up I never realized that the programs at URI are some of the best in the country.

What do you think of the faculty at URI?

The faculty have been extremely helpful and easy to work with.  Whenever I have missed class to travel for hockey they have gone out of their way to help me make up work.  When meeting with them they have answered any questions and concerns that I have. I think what makes the faculty at URI so interesting is all the different experiences they share.  While they all may teach Kinesiology courses, they all have worked in different aspects of it and have experienced different career paths.  Something that has helped me is that the professors often tell about certain situations they have been in, which helps to make the connection from the material to how it will relate to the real world.

What do you consider the biggest strengths of your particular program at URI?

I think the biggest strengths of the Kinesiology program are that there are so many different career paths that you can follow in this program.  I also think that the Independence Square building provides students with equipment and labs not found in other schools.

What kind of internships, experiential learning opportunities, or real-life experiences have you had?

I have done observation hours at two local physical therapy clinics.  It was really interesting to see how years in school translate to the patients and situations a physical therapist deals with each day.  What I thought was most important was to see the wide range of conditions they encounter and how they interact with their patients. I will also complete an internship during my senior year.

What’s your “Big Idea”?         

I would like to attend graduate school for my doctorate of physical therapy here at URI and then work for a professional sports team someday.

 What would you say to someone undecided about where to go to school for your particular major/program?

I would tell them that URI has a great Kinesiology program and that they should definitely come and visit to see all the state of the art equipment and classrooms that URI has to offer.

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