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Academic Requirements & Guidelines

General Education Requirements
Field Work
Course Load
Repeating Courses for Credit
Second Grade Option
Transfer Students
Prior Approval for Off-Campus Study
Program Modification/Exception Guidelines

General Education Requirements:

All students(*) pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the College of Human Science and Services are required to develop a 39-credit program in General Education within the framework listed below.

English Communication minimum three credits in written communication minimum three credits in oral communication
Fine Arts and Literature six credits
Foreign Language
OR Culture
six credits
six credits must be in either language or culture cannot combine credits
Letters six credits
Mathematics three credits
Natural Sciences six credits
Social Sciences University Requirement of a total of six credits

*Students in the BOA programs in elementary education and secondary education must follow the General Education requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Field Work:

Many of the academic programs in the College of Human Science and Services require a supervised field work experience as part of the degree requirements. This experience is designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in a career-related setting. Placements are made in a wide variety of agencies such as public schools, health care facilities, day care centers, and other human service settings.

Satisfactory completion of a required field experience depends on achievement of basic competencies established by the academic department in cooperation with the agency. The University supervisor is responsible for determining whether or not the student has attained the required competencies and, in some cases, may extend the time required for the experience until the student’s performance is satisfactory.

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It is the responsibility of the student to file an Intent to Graduate form and a curriculum work sheet signed and approved by the advisor in the Dean’s Office. The deadline is October 15th for May graduation, November 15th for August graduation, and April 15th for December graduation.

The final responsibility for meeting all course and credit degree requirements rests with the individual student. The Undergraduate Catalog contains everything a student needs to check his or her degree requirements. All questions should be directed to the Office of the Dean.

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Course Load:

Approval of the advisor and the Dean is needed for a schedule of more than 19 credits per semester. A credit overload fee will apply.

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Repeating Courses for Credit:

Unless otherwise stated in the course description, a course cannot be repeated for credit. Credit can be counted only once toward the total credits required for graduation. Repeating courses in which a grade of C or better was earned requires approval of the student’s academic dean; students may need to take such courses on a pass-fail basis.

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Second Grade Option:

In order to repeat a course under the Second Grade Option, the following criteria must be met. Original Grade must have been a C-, D+, D, or F, freshman must have taken the course for the first time within their first 30 attempted credits.  NR, NW, F and I count as attempted credits.  Transfer students must have taken the course during their first semester at URI.  Freshman must repeat the course within two semesters after they complete 30 credits.  Transfer students must repeat the course within their second or third semesters.  Student MUST fill out a “2nd Grade Option” form, obtain their academic Deans signature and submit the form to Enrollment Services before mid-term of the semester they are repeating the course. Second Grade Option can only be use once per course.

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Transfer Students:

Transfer students should be advised that admission to some programs in the College of Human Science and Services requires meeting certain prerequisites or separate admission criteria. Teacher education programs in the Department of Education, Department of Human Development and Family Studies, and the Department of Kinesiology/Physical Education and Health have specific admission criteria and generally require that a matriculated student complete at least one semester of work at the University of Rhode Island before applying for admission into the program. Transfer students may be admitted to the University, but are not admitted directly into these programs. Students interested in any of the above programs should refer to the specific program descriptions.

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Prior Approval for Off-campus Study:

Student Procedure

  1. Obtain current course description from the institution where the course work will be taken (this is not required if the course work will be taken from Rhode Island College or the Community College of Rhode Island).
  2. Take the course description to the chairperson of the University department that offers the equivalent course and request his/her signature.
  3. Return the signed form to the Dean of your college for final approval.
  4. Upon completion of the course(s), request that a transcript be sent to the Dean of the college in which you are enrolled.


PRIOR APPROVAL ASSURES CREDIT FOR WORK TAKEN AT ANOTHER POSTSECONDARY INSTITUTION PROVIDED A SATISFACTORY GRADE IS EARNED (C or better at all institutions except Rhode Island College and the Community College of Rhode Island from which a C- or D is accepted but only as a free elective.)

The credits for courses taken at another institution will transfer but not the actual letter grade earned; therefore, the grades earned in theses courses will not affect a student’s grade point average.

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A readmitting student is one who has been previously admitted to the University, completed the formal withdrawal process or has had a break of at least two regular (fall or spring) semesters during the pursuit of an undergraduate degree.  Such a break in continuous attendance automatically terminates a student’s active status, necessitating readmission in order to continue toward a degree.

Additionally, students who graduate from the University and wish to pursue a second undergraduate degree must apply for readmission, even if there has been no break in continuity of attendance.

A readmitting student may seek readmission into a college and/or program different from that formerly attended. In such a case, the student should direct the application to the dean of the college in which admittance is sought.


IF APPLYING FOR READMISSION TO THE KINGSTON CAMPUS: You may apply either by mail or in person.If applying by mail, please complete the application and return to:

Office of the Dean
College of Human Science and Services
Quinn Hall Room 112
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881

Your application will be routed by campus mail and a decision sent to you directly from the college to which you are applying. Transcripts of coursework taken at another institution since your last enrollment at the University should be sent directly to the college of the University into which your are seeking readmission.

If applying in person do the following:

  1. Complete the application of readmission.
  2. Take the application to the Dean of the college to which you are applying. You should have submitted to that Dean official transcripts of coursework taken at another institution since your last enrollment at the University.
  3. After an evaluation and decision has been made on your application you will be notified directly by the college to which you have applied.


All applications for readmission to the College of Continuing Education must be directed to:

Office of Finance and Records
College of Continuing Education
University of Rhode Island
Promenade and Gaspee Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02908

A decision will be sent to you directly from the College of Continuing Education.

You must submit official transcripts of all academic work taken at other institutions since your last attendance at the University before a decision will be made on your application for readmission. These transcripts should be sent to the Dean’s office of the college into which you are seeking readmission. A decision on your application will not be made until these transcripts are received and evaluated.

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