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Faculty Research Profiles

The College of Human Science and Services is proud to recognize the research of our faculty and students.  Below you can find highlighted research profiles of some of our faculty.  The 3rd Annual HSS Research Night, held on April 30, 2015 featured research presentations and posters by more than 60 students.

Graduate Student Fund Policy

Graduate students enrolled in degree-granting programs in the College of Human Science and Services are encouraged to engage in research-related and professional development opportunities that will enhance their education. The CHSS Dean’s office will review proposals/applications for support related to these types of activities.

Graduate Student Fund Policy and Application


Martin Bide

Understanding the interaction of small molecules (such as dyes) and polymeric materials (like textiles) provides the theoretical underpinning to the interaction of biologically active substances with structural biomaterials to provide them with beneficial properties: infection resistance, modified clotting behavior, and biocompatibility.


Annemarie Vaccaro

All my life, I have been passionate about diversity and social justice. As a faculty member, social justice paradigms inform my pedagogical strategies in the classroom.


Leslie Mahler

The outcomes from my research have implications for treatment of multiple types of non-progressive dysarthria as a result of neurological disorders and contribute to the body of literature translating principles of motor learning to treatment of dysarthria that have been associated with activity-dependent changes in neuroplasticity.


Julie Coiro

I chose to research the connections between theory, research, assessment, and practice to better understand how to prepare students and educators for the reading and thinking challenges they will encounter as they use the Internet for literacy and learning.

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