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Cell Culture


The RTCA DP Analyzer has three integrated stations for E-Plates 16 or CIM-Plates 16 for label-free, real-time cell-based assays. It can be placed inside a cell culture incubator. Each of the three 16-well plate holders can be used independently under the RTCA Software. The RTCA DP Analyzer can automatically select wells for measurement and continuously […]


The BD FACSVerse flow cytometer system features a compact optical bench, miniaturized detection optics, plus optical filter/mirror assemblies with integrated electronic ID chips to monitor the instrument configuration. By incorporating vacuum-driven fluidics, a sample injection tube (SIT) was created which can accommodate a wide variety of sample input formats. In addition, the flow cell was […]

Automated Cell Counter

Cellometer Vision is an automated cell counter and cell analyzer with diverse functions. It combines brightfield microscopy and multi-channel fluorescence images to generate cell count and fluorescence data. It is most suitable for determining cell concentration and viability in complex samples. The sophisticated data analysis software allows detailed studies of select cell population. Nexcelom Cellometer […]

Biological Safety Cabinet

The LabGard ES (Energy Saver) 425 Biological Safety Cabinet (Class II, Type A2) provides laboratory safety, proper laboratory ergonomics, and energy efficiency. ┬áNuaire  


The Heraeus Heracell Double Stacked Incubator has Copper Chambers, which protects samples while optimizing cell growth with fast recovery characteristics.

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