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Ion Chromatography

The Metrohm 940 Professional IC Vario along with the 889 IC Sample Center provides use of any kind of column or gradient as well as multiple detection capabilities and background conductivity suppression.  The Sample Center provides cooling for labile samples.   Metrohm 940 Prof IC Vario

UHPLC System

Hitachi’s Ultra High-Speed Liquid Chromatograph, LaChromUltra, delivers ultra-fast analysis, high resolution, increased sensitivity and the flexibility to run both conventional and ultra-high resolution LC analyses on a single system. Features: 60 MPa (8700 psi) pressure max and 2.0 µm particle size columns result in ultra high-speed analysis (90% faster than conventional HPLC) and dramatically improved […]

Semi-preparative HPLC System

The Hitachi semi-prep unit is equipped with a L-7150 pump (flow rates 0.1 – 30 mL/min), gradient accessory, 4-channel degasser, several Rheodyne 7725i manual injection valves, L-7455 diode Array detector (flow cell, 3.5 uL), and a Gilson 203B fraction collector. The system is controlled by a D-700 HPLC System Manager software package.

Analytical HPLC System

The Hitachi analytical HPLC system consists of a L-7100 low pressure gradient pump, 4-channel degasser, L-7200 sequential autosampler, and a high sensitivity diode array detector (190-800 nm). This system is  controlled by a D-700 HPLC System Manager software package.  


The ACTA FPLC instrument is more compact than its predecessor and offers two times the maximum flow rate (20 ml/min). The system accepts a wide variety of custom and pre-packed columns and can perform all the chromatographic steps employed in modern protein purification (from affinity to gel filtration), but the most popular applications of this […]

Combiflash Chromatography System

Teledyne ISCO Flash Chromatography system is compatible with organic solvents, hexane, ethyl acetate, methanol and chlorinated solvents, including methylene chloride and chloroform. Unique features of the CombiFlash System RFID (Radio frequency identification) identifies column and loads the appropriate method for the best separation RFID identification of fraction collection racks sets the maximum fraction size to […]

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