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Microscopy & Imaging

EVOS Cell Imaging System

The EVOS® FL Auto Cell Imaging System enables high-quality automated fluorescence and brightfield imaging and includes full automation of the precision X/Y-stage movement; automated changes of up to 4 LED fluorescence light cubes and 5 parfocal objectives, focus, and exposure.  The EVOS® FL Auto system can be programmed to run acquisition routines, 8-point time lapse […]

variable mode imager

Typhoon FLA 9000 is a versatile laser scanner optimized for quantitative phosphorimaging, 2-D DIGE, ECL Plus Westerns, ECL Plex multiplex Westerns, visible and near infrared fluorescence, gel documentation, with a limited capability for chemiluminescent imaging. The system is flexible for new imaging applications, and can be customized with lasers, filters and detectors for multiplex near […]

IR Imager

In the past, visible wavelength fluorescence technology has been widely used for protein and nucleic acid imaging applications. However, most visible systems have limited capabilities for imaging membranes due to strong background fluorescence at visible wavelengths. The Odyssey Infrared Imager eliminates these detection barriers by using near-infrared fluorophores. Low background fluorescence at infrared (IR) wavelengths […]

digital microscopes & imaging system

The Nikon TE2000E inverted confocal microscope features a high precision motorized-focus and vibration-free optical path changeover mechanism precisely controlled by high-precision Z-axis readout. This feature is perfect for research that requires comprehensive 3D information about the specimen. The C2 point scanning confocal microscope system with its host of functions and various analytical capabilities is the […]

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