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Proteomics & Genomics

Additional genomics equipment is available at the Rhode Island Genomics and Sequencing Center.

Protein Sequencer

The Shimadzu PPSQ-31A protein sequencer uses the Edman degradation reaction method.  The sequencer separates PTH-Amino acids isocratically providing more stable retention times. Analysis in isocratic mode also allows for eluents to be recycled, thereby reducing the cost and disposal of the mobile phase.   The 31A has one reactor and the cycle time is 47min/cycle.  Glass […]

DNA/RNA synthesizer

The MerMade-4 Oligonucleotide synthesizer is designed to synthesize DNA, RNA & LNA oligonucleotides in a column format using standard or modified chemistries. The machine comes with a 4 column configuration and is capable of making a combination of standard, degenerate, and modified oligos in the same run with scales varying from 50nmole to 5umole. A […]

Western Processing System

The BenchPro™ 4100 Card Processing Station with BenchPro™ 4100 Western Cards allows automated processing of incubation and washing steps for up to four membranes at a time. The instrument is a simple, user friendly benchtop unit that is preprogrammed with two WesternBreeze® immunodetection protocols and one standard ECL protocol. BenchPro 4100 Card Processing Station Manual […]

Simple Western system

Simon by Protein Simple performs a Simple Western blot procedure with no gels, no transfer tanks, no blots, no imaging and no manual analysis. It separates proteins by size, incubates with primary and secondary antibodies, detects your target proteins and tells you their molecular weights, giving you a complete, walk-away solution. Simple Western Assay Sample […]

2d electrophoresis system

PROTEAN IEF System for 2-D with Immobilized pH Gradients The PROTEAN IEF system, consisting of ReadyStrip IPG strips and the PROTEAN IEF cell, is optimized to perform first-dimension isoelectric focusing — simply, reproducibly, and efficiently. Choose strips in four lengths, each designed to match Bio-Rad’s second-dimension cells. Control resolution with IPG gradients that offer 1, […]

Real-Time PCR

The ViiA7 Real-Time PCR System from Life Technologies provides enhanced fluorescence detection with the OptiFlex System. The ViiA7 offers simplified workflow, intuitive software, touch screen interface, and one-button protocols for error minimization. Life Technologies Viia7    

nucleic acid isolation system

Fuji QuickGene-810 is an ideal system to isolate DNA/RNA from whole blood, tissue samples, cultured cells, and blood cells.  Various isolation kits are available for your studies.  The system uses a porous, highly adsorptive membrane.  It is only 80µm thick, making it incomparably thinner than conventional glass fibers. Easy RNA Extraction RNA is much more unstable […]

offgel fractionator

The Agilent 3100 OFFGEL Fractionator uses a novel isoelectric focusing technique to achieve excellent pl-based fractionation.  The resulting fractions are in solution, making recovery for LC/MS analysis much easier than with old-fashioned gels. Features of OFFGEL Fractionator pl-based OFFGEL fractionation with 0.1 – 0.6 pH resolution depending on consumable kit used In-solution fraction recovery for easy […]

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