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Malloy, T. 2015. Interpersonal Attraction in Dyads and Groups. Department of Psychology Colloquium Series at Rut gers University. October 8.  


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Albretsen, E., *Shakarian, A. 2012. Determining differences in protein expression patterns among four different Leishmania species through cDNA cloning and sequencing. The 70th Eastern New England Biological Conference, StoneHill College, Easton, MA, April 28. Albretsen, E., Shakarian, A. 2012. Determining protein differences between four different Leishmania species through cDNA cloning and sequencing. The SRyou Symposium, Salve Regina University, Newport, […]


Alashwal, H., Dosunmu, R., H. Zawia, N. 2011. Genome wide analysis: Lead (Pb) exposure and alzheimer’s disease. Keystone Symposia, Asheville, NC, March 27- April 1. Andrie, K., Chace, J., *Symington, S. 2011. Development of an inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry method to evaluate heavy metal concentrations in local streams and ponds. 2nd Annual SRyou Symposium, Newport, RI, March 25. […]


Ahmadibeni, Y., *Carroll, B., Doncel, G. F., Parang, K. 2010. Synthesis of lipophilic dodecyl bis(acyleSaligenyl) nucleoside monophosphate trimesters. 240th ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA, United States, August 22-26. Ahmadibeni, Y., Tiwari, R., Doncel, G. F., Parang, K. 2010. Synthesis of bis(cycloSaligenyl) pronucleotides containing two nucleosides from bis(methoxymethyl)benzene-1,4-diol. 240th ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA, United States, August 22-26. *Amer, A., […]


Albanese, A., *Merson, R. 2009. Induction of Cytochrome P450 1A (CYP1A) in Little Skate, Leucoraja erinacea. Sigma Xi Symposium, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI, May 4. Amrich, C., *Marston, M. 2009. Tail Fiber Evolution in Marine Cyanomyophages. 109th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, Philadelphia, PA, May 17–21. Anderson, L., Hamel, L., *Stoner, M. 2009. […]


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