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Biological informatics (bioinformatics) concerns the analysis and interpretation of various types of data including nucleotide and amino acid sequences, protein domains, and protein structures. Informatics helps us to understand and organize different types of information, and to see patterns in the information. The Bioinformatics Core aims to provide expert consultation by developing informatics strategy for analysis of complex data sets for RI-INBRE-supported investigators, and educate faculty and students regarding bioinformatics approaches for their research in the RI-INBRE thematic areas.

If you utilize the core services, please remember to acknowledge the core facility in your future correspondence.  For small-scale analyses, a line in the Acknowledgements sections of your manuscript is sufficient.  For larger-scale analyses, please consider including core personnel as co-authors.  Also be sure to keep us informed of any manuscripts or grant submissions involving the core so that we may keep metrics for reporting to NIH.

Bioinformatics Consultation and Services

We offer a variety of services to users, from consultation on bioinformatics problems to full research collaborations.

Bioinformatics Resources

The scope of bioinformatics resources available to researchers is vast and growing.  Here we provide links to common resources likely to be useful to INBRE researchers.  Core personnel are available to assist individual researchers with using these tools and dedicated workshops will be periodically provided as part of the Core’s educational outreach mission.

Workshops and Tutorials

The Bioinformatics Core will periodically offer workshops covering specific bioinformatics skills including sequence analysis, molecular modeling and scientific programming.  This section will contain information for upcoming workshops, information about past workshops and useful online tutorials/lectures.

Citing the Bioinformatics Core

If you use the core services, we ask that you include an acknowledgement in any manuscripts or presentations involving your research.  For extensive collaborations, we may also request co-authorship.

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