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Constantine Anagnostopoulos



Dr. Constantine Anagnostopoulos is an Adjunct Full Professor in the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering. Previously he worked for 32 years at the Eastman Kodak Company Research Laboratories. His expertise is on CCD image sensors, Ink Jet print heads and R&D management. At URI he works on Lab-on-a-chip Biosensors for the detection of disease biomarkers such as for Alzheimer’s and other Neuro-degenerative diseases. He is advising students in fluorescent light detection using CCD imagers, on image processing methodologies, soft lithography and MEMS for chip fabrication, quantum dot fluorescence, UV LED or laser illumination and on nanowicks for the passive transport and filtering of biological fluids. He collaborates with faculty from Biology, Chemistry, and Electrical and Chemical Engineering as well professionals from industry. Ultimately, his work seeks to answer fundamental questions such as the limit of detection of a specific antigen, how to determine accurately the concentration of a particular analyte in solution, assay development suitable for a lab-on-a-chip biosensor and how to build a handheld device that is low cost, easy to use, highly sensitive and accurate.

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Personal website: http://www.uri.edu/gsadmis/inp/faculty/anagnostopoulos.html

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