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Jacqueline Webb



We investigate the development and the structural and functional evolution of the mechanosensory lateral line system of fishes. We use multiple morphological methods including histology, SEM, whole fish clearing and staining, CT and µCT, vital fluorescent imaging, and fate mapping to gain a comprehensive understanding of lateral line morphology and development. Recent behavioral work has allowed us to add DPIV (for analysis of natural and artificial hydrodynamic stimuli), manipulation of the visual environment, video analysis of behavior, and fish training to our repertoire.  Over the years, we have studied the lateral line system in a variety of taxa (skates, zebrafish, greenlings,  butterflyfishes, flounders, and most recently cichlids). Each taxon has interesting or unique attributes that have allowed us to ask fundamental questions about patterns of lateral line evolution and development, as well as the functional morphology and role of the lateral line system in fish behavior. This work has been supported by several National Science Foundation grants (1997-2014), RI NSF EPSCoR, The Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole), and institutional funds.

Personal website: http://webblaburi.wordpress.com/

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