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Developing An International Agreement

Student Mobility Agreements

Program design, sustatinability and obtaining approval for a proposed academic international agreement are essential matters that URI academic sponsors must consider before commiting to introducing an overseas program.

How much information is needed will depend on the nature of the partnership: dual degree programs, faculty led programs, direct enrollment programs abroad, student exchange programs or a generic MOU.

To aid sponsors of international academic partnerships, the Office of International Education recommend that you begin the process by reading the information included in the links below:


Program Inventories

Gather information about the anticipated academic partner.  This step includes submission of a program approval form, site visit evaluation, and a partner institution fact sheet. Obtaining this information will be beneficial to the URI academic sponsors and the OIE when advising students on the destination and/or overseas partners.


Following the review and approval of the Student Mobility Agreement, Partner Institution Site Evaluation and the Host Institution Fact Sheet, a staf in the OIE will work with Enrollment Services to identify an appropriate billing protocol.

Administrative Support from the OIE

Feel free to contact Dania Brandford-Calvo in the Office of International Education (OIE) for assistance with the process of drafting and circulating an international student mobility agreement.

Dr. Dania Brandford-Calvo
Phone: (401) 874-2018

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