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The University of Rhode Island (URI) and the University of Tokyo (Todai) jointly offer a summer seminar on issues in coastal adaptation to climate change. This year the seminar will be held in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  The course will focus on the likely impacts of climate change on fisheries, aquaculture, and coastal development and potential adaptation strategies. The course will be co-taught by professors from Todai, URI, and National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU). Students taking the course will come from URI, Todai, NTOU, Indonesia, and Brazil. Teams comprised of both American and International students will jointly work on adaptation proposals as their final projects. The URI professors come from a variety of disciplines including Marine Affairs, History, and Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. The Todai professors are from Marine Science, Economics, and Public Policy. The NTOU professor works in Ocean Policy. Students will meet with stakeholders in aquaculture, wild fisheries, and coastal development  and also with government officials who are involved in regulating these sectors. Students will visit aquaculture operations, fishing ports, coastal hazard areas, and adaptation projects. Activities will include kayaking and a fish trawl. Trips will include New Bedford, Fairhaven, Block Island, and the coastal ponds.

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The course will initially take place online as students and faculty discuss readings and issues. The online introduction also enables the American and Japanese students to start building relationships before the start of the ten-day joint session.

Graduate students will earn 3-6 credits in the following courses:

  • Marine Affairs 591, Direct Study or Research
  • History 591, Direct Study or Research
  • Environmental Economics 591, Special Projects
  • Marine Affairs 491, Special Problems in Marine Affairs

Admitted undergraduate students should discuss credit options with the Program Director.

Housing and Dining:

Students will live in on-campus housing with one night in a hotel. Food and lodging is included in the course fee

Cultural Activities:

Students will observe daily life in a Maasai Village as well as receving the opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat while on an African safari in the Serengeti National Park.

Program Fee: $939

  • 3-6 URI Credits
  • Program related excursions
  • Course Materials

 *NOTE: Program dates and fees are subject to change

Program Deadlines

Application Deadline: May 1, 2015

Final Payment Due: July 21, 2015

Graduate students and qualified undergraduate students are encouraged to apply.


For more information, please contact:

Program Director
Robert Thompson
Marine Affairs

URI Faculty-Led Programs
37 Lower College Road
International Center

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URI Summer Faculty-Led Programs Brochure 2015

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