Program Planning Timeline

Below is a general timeline for planning a faculty-led program. A full year provides program directors with adequate time to prepare a comprehensive and well-structured program. To ensure that all requirements are met in a timely manner, program directors should consider using this timeline.

12 to 9 Months Before Departure

  • Meet with the Office of International Education to discuss your interests and ideas for a faculty-led program.
  • Complete and submit a faculty-led program request form with signatures from the appropriate Department Chair and Dean.
  • If deemed necessary, conduct a site visit to familiarize yourself with the program location, including: housing, dining, transportation, emergency services, etc.
  • Review visa and immunization requirements
  • Begin to promote your program through information sessions, brochures, and reaching out to students.

9 to 3 Months Before Departure

  • The OIE will create a page for your program on the OIE website. The OIE staff will also assist with recruitment through information sessions, creating and distributing flyers, and the Study Abroad Fair.
  • Promote your program at the Study Abroad Fair, through information sessions, posters, and brochures.
  • OIE will receive, process, and send complete applications to Program Directors for review. Student interviews may be conducted if appropriate.
  • OIE will send out admission/regret letters to all students with information on next steps in the process and payment deadlines.
  • Submit invoices for payment to the OIE for processing.
  • Consult with Short’s Travel or other airlines to request quotes on group flights.
  • Plan pre-departure orientation.

3 to 1 Month Before Departure

  • Review and sign Travel Authorization Request (TAR). The OIE will sumbit the TAR to accounting on your behalf.
  • Apply for individual and/or student visas if needed.
  • Finalize student admission. OIE will register students for intended courses.
  • Process program advance if applicable.
  • Facilitate a Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation with OIE staff.

1 Month Before Departure

  • Reconfirm all reservations with vendors/providers.
  • Confirm travel arrangements with students if you are not traveling as a group.
  • Ensure students have taken care of all travel documents, immunizations, and program payments.
  • Submit emergency contact information to OIE.
    • Addresses, emails, and telephone numbers
  • OIE will enroll and print out HTH Insurance cards for all faculty, staff, and students.
  • OIE staff will register all faculty, staff, and students with the US State Department before departure.


Winter J Term: May 1, 2016
Spring Break: May 1, 2016
Summer Term: May 1, 2016
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