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International Agreements

International Agreements of Cooperation and Partnerships between the University of Rhode Island and other universities may be established with the purpose of establishing:

  • Collaborative Research
  • Reciprocal exchange of non-degree and degree students for a semester or year
  • Admission of incoming international undegraduate and graduate students that include earning, respectively, a degree from a partner institution and URI (not a joint degree)
  • Receive or send students to participate in collaborative research at a partner institution
  • Receive or send a student intern to intern with an employer and/or research firm overseas or Rhode Island employers with which URI has a Memorandum of Understanding.


Memorandum-01These documents refer to a bilateral or multilateral agreement between two or more parties. They identify the collaborative activities in general terms.


StudentExchange-01_000These agreements are developed with the principal aim to enable the reciprocal exchange of non-degree students They require a 1:1 ratio.


DualDegree-01These agreements are developed with the aim of facilitating fulfilling degree requirements at one or more institutions. When exchanging students, they require a 1:1 ratio.


VisitingStudent-01These agreements enable the participation of one-way incoming non-degree and degree students. They do not require a 1:1 ratio.



International students may come to URI as interns to complete their graduation project from their home school and/or conduct research with a URI faculty member.  The URI academic sponsor must submit a DS-2019 Request Form and an Intern Training/Internship Placement Plan Form (DS-7002).



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