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Participating in an international internship or experiential learning opportunity offers an incredible experience for students to gain work experience in their chosen academic field. Internships combine elements that favor learning, valuable work skills, personal growth, and hands-on cross-cultural field training.

Selecting and planning an international internship will be built on learning objectives that are defined by you, your academic sponsor, and the internship coordinator at the proposed site. How dynamic or inspiring your experience is depends on you.

Presently, URI Students may earn 3 – 12 URI credits in a supervised international internship that has been approved by a URI professor in the student’s field of study (directed study), the Office of International Education, the International Engineering Program, the International Business Program, and the Department of Kinesiology, respectively (see below):

URI Sponsored Internships



NOTE: University grants or scholarships will apply when appropriate.

International Internships through a Program Provider





Information on this web page applies ONLY for international internships. For information on domestic internships, visit the Office of Experiential Education and Community Engagement.

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