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ITR 301/Directed Study Abroad

Depending on the type of credit students seek to receive (e.g., in their major, other major, elective credit, directed study, or ITR 301 International Field Placement), accumulating credit may take one of the forms below:

  1. 3-6 elective credits that have been approved by the dean of the respective college; or
  2. 3-12 credits (ITR 301) that have been approved by the Office of International Education and the respective dean; or
  3. 3-15 URI credits that combine ITR 301 (3 + X) with credits in the major, which require approval from the respective dean and the Office of International Education.

Note: if interested in ITR 301 credits, please read the course requirements found at the bottom of the page.

How many credits may a student earn while on internship abroad?

Credits Fall or Spring Semester Summer Term
  13 Weeks 10 Weeks
3 Credits 117 Total Hours 100 Total Hours
6 Credits 208 Total Hours 200 Total Hours
9 Credits 312 Total Hours 300 Total Hours
12 Credits 416 Total Hours 400 Total Hours


  • 1. Research the proposed internship site.
    2. Share the information with your academic advisor and consult with your advisoe on the applicability of the internship to your academic program.
    3. After meeting with your academic advisor, complete an online General Information Session/GIS
    4. Submit the student information sheet found at the end of the GIS session electronically to the Office of International Education/OIE
    5. Make an appointment with an International Internship Advisor in the Office of International Education to discuss the proposed internship; bring information gathered while researching the internship site (and/or provider).

    To make an appointment contact:

    Office of International Education
    37 Lower College Road
    Phone: +1.401.874.2395

  • After a preliminary meeting with an OIE international internship advisor, complete and submit the international internship forms listed below to the OIE internship advisor
    1. Acceptance Letter from the Internship Provider
    2. Photocopy of Passport Identification Page
    3. International Internship Application 
    4. International Internship Prior Approval Form
    5. Payment of the OCS and Administrative fees. For more information on these fees visit the link below
    The Cost of Studying Abroad


  • The International ITR 301 course is unique in that its academic structure will help students make the most of the work and cross-cultural experience. At the end of the course, you will receive a S/U based on your work throughout the semester.

    Students will be expected to complete the following:
    1. Same as items 1 – 5 listed under application process
    2. Keep a weekly log of the experience at the internship and the work you are completing
    3. Send weekly log reports to your ITR 301 instructor
    4. Submit a final summary, consisting of:
    5. Executive summary/abstract (one full page)
    6. Discussion and analysis of a salient topic (5 – 7 pages)
    7. Brief analysis of the experience, in more personal terms (one full page)
    8. Optional illustrations, maps, photographs, graphs, etc.

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