Information for Students Participating in a Non-Affiliated Study Abroad Program

URI has become affiliated with more than 200 different programs in over 60 countries. However, students may wish to participate on a program not affiliated with URI. Students may opt to do this for many reasons – so you can study in a country where URI does not have a program, participate in a very unique program URI does not offer, enroll in a program recommended by peers, etc.

URI students are not prohibited from participating in non-affiliated programs but, before doing so, they must meet with an Education Abroad Advisor in the Office of International Education (OIE) to ensure:

  1. They are making a decision that is best for you.
  2. They are familiar with URI study abroad policies.
  3. They are aware of their responsibilities related to overseas study.
  4. URI will accept the credit from the non-affiliated program.

    • – The Institute of International Education’s on-line study abroad search engine
    • StudyAbroad.Com – On-line resource to search for study abroad programs
    • – On-line resource to search for study abroad programs
    • URI may actually have an affiliation with the same institution.
    • Make sure that the program you are applying to provides quality academic work that will be accepted by URI for transfer credit (done in conjunction with the academic departments).
    • There may be comparable (or better) programs that you may not be aware of
    • Discuss your responsibilities and the policies related to the use of financial aid and study abroad.
    • Meet with your Academic Advisor to make sure the program you have selected complements your academic plan of study.
    • Educate yourself about all aspects of the program- including health and safety issues.
    • What courses are offered and how will they complement your academic goals?
    • What type of program is it and for what level of student?
    • What type of housing and meal plan options are available?
    • What is the cost of the program and what does the program fee include?
    • Will the program provide you with the contact information of previous participants?


  • Financial Aid

    URI institutional grants or scholarships (i.e. Centennial Scholarships, Hardge Grants) that you receive will apply only to a URI-affiliated program.

    Program Fees

    Off-Campus Study (OCS) Fee – Maintains your registration while studying elsewhere. It will ensure that you remain registered, that all eligible financial aid will be applied to the program, and that you will have continued, uninterrupted access, to all URI services (such as e-mail, health insurance, and academic advising). Click here for undergraduate and graduate fees

    OIE Administrative Fee – $350 per semester/ $150 summer term – Covers the costs of operating off-campus programs, the expenses associated with URI Risk Management Policies and URI Pre-Departure Workshops and materials.

    Note: All fees are subject to change

  • 1. Complete an on-line Study Abroad General Information Session (GIS)

    2. Before sending an application to the program or program sponsor, the applicant should make and appointment with a URI Education Abroad Advisor in order to complete the URI “Program Participant for Non-Affiliated Programs” packet.

    3. Students applying for a non-affiliated study abroad program will have to meet the eligibility requirements established by the program provider.

    4. Apply directly to the program or program provider.

    5. If the program application requires the signature of an Education Abroad Advisor at URI, contact the Office of International Education to set-up an appointment.

    After you are admitted to a Non-Affiliated Study Abroad Program you must complete the following steps:
    URI Education Abroad Pre-departure Paperwork and Off-Campus Registration – To maintain your status as a matriculating URI student each term you are abroad, you must submit the following documents to the OIE at the same time:
    1. Official Letter of Admission from the Host Institution or Program
    2. Completed URI Education Abroad Prior Approval Form
    3. Payment of the Off-Campus Study (OCS) fee
    4. Proof of enrollment in a Travel Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Plan

    If using Financial Aid to finance your semester abroad, the following document must be submitted to the URI Enrollment Services Office
    1. International Study Cost of Attendance Form
    2. Power of Attorney Form

    Participants should complete this process once accepted into a program and submit all materials prior to the term(s) abroad. Forms, deadlines, and directions on how to complete this process are available at:


  • Students that have completed a semester abroad in a non-affiliated program must ensure that an official transcript/grade report of your overseas coursework is sent to the Office of International Education at URI. Pre-approved credit will only transfer back to URI if you earn a grade equivalent to a “C” (2.00/4.00) or above.

For Additional Information Contact:

The Office of International Education
University of Rhode Island
37 Lower College Road
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Tel: (401) 874-2395

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