URI Students Returning from NSE

Welcome back! We hope that your time participating in the NSE program has been both academically and personally enriching. Below are some links with information for returning URI students, along with information on how to get involved with the OIE/NSE:

  • Before departing from your NSE exchange, be sure to

    • Make arrangements to have your transcript from your host institution sent to the International Center
      • International Center,¬†37 Lower College Road,¬†Kingston, RI 02881
    • Straighten out any loose ends from your NSE institution that could delay the release of your transcript, especially if graduating after your NSE experience.
    • Obtain a few copies of your transcript, for your own records, before returning home.

    Upon receipt of your transcript from your NSE institution, your dean’s office will conduct a transfer evaluation and process the paperwork to transfer your NSE coursework credit to your URI transcript.

  • Credits earned while on an NSE exchange that has been pre-approved by URI’s academic departments transfers back to URI as transfer credit. Transfer credit may be given in those courses in which the student received a grade at the equivalent of “C” (2.00) or better, but no credit shall be given for courses in which a “C-” or lower was earned.

    Grades earned while participating on the NSE program are not calculated into your URI G.P.A.

  • As a returning participant, you are a wealth of information about the program you participated in, the school where you studied, and the experience of studying in another part of the country. Share your experience and your photos!

    What type of photos are we looking for?
    Photographs of URI study abroad or NSE participants in front of a famous landmark, in front of their host university, or doing something unique which suggests a foreign locale or the unique characteristics of the location where you are studying.
    Photographs of URI program participants getting hands on experience (i.e. at your internship site), working on a project, presenting a project, or posed in front of a completed project overseas or off-campus.

    How should you proceed?
    Send the photos to the OIE. We will also need your name, current address, current phone, e-mail address, major, expected year of graduation, name of country and/or institution where you studied, semester you studied off-campus, and a brief description of the photo.

    If you are currently overseas and want to submit a photo, please send an e-mail to to notify us that a photo is on the way.

    Please note: If any of the photos you send include other individuals that are not URI students, such as a faculty member from an overseas institution, we will need their contact information as well. They will need to complete a release form in order for us to publish their photo.

    We look forward to receiving your photos! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

    Send Photos to:
    University of Rhode Island, Office of International Education
    International Center, 37 Lower College Road, Kingston, RI 02881

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